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Coco Quinn Age, Family, Parents, Height

The best thing about an artist is that people admire them by their talent beyond their age factor. Artists are the entertainers. And dancers are the one who gives life to music and entertains the people. With the growing globalization, the world is becoming smaller, and new talents are arising day by day. Likewise, parents are more supportive in enhancing the ability of their kids. And Coco Quinn is one of those lucky kids.

Coco Quinn is a dancer from America. Dance is also a legacy that one passes on to their upcoming generation. And also it seems to have gotten into Coco in legacy. She has a dancing family background. Her sisters Rihana and Kaylee Quinn are also dancers. The plus point of a dancer is their flexibility. Coco’s sister must have influenced their mother to involve Coco in gymnastics.

Caption: Quinn sisters enjoying the water park

Coco Quinn got exposure from Molly’s Monsters at Dance Precisions which is a mini elite competition team. This team was led by famous choreographer Molly long. She is also known for her appearance in the popular web series “Mani.” Other than her dancing talent, she also has done a marvelous work in acting.


When Coco dances, there is peace and calmness in her face. She seems to enjoy his performance with ease and comfort. And her sense of focus on dance must have come from her family. She belongs to a vegetarian family. And with less meat consumption, people become less aggressive and have a different peace in their face. Moreover, the whole family is also an animal lover, and they also have a dog called Toby and four cats Bertha, Gold, Poppy, and Bubba.

Coco’s mother name is Jeannie Quinn. Despite her popularity, there is no detailed information about her parents. She has three siblings. Kaylee, Rihana and Tyler Quinn are her siblings. Kylee and Rihana are also dancers. And her sisters must have been her inspiration to start her dancing career. The three sisters often dance together.

Coco Quinn’s Short Bio

On June 7, 2008, Coco Quinn was born in California, USA. Her current age is 10. Her height is not known. She became first overall in petite diamond line which was held at the Showbiz Talent Competition in Riverside, California. Coco has posted a photo with fellow muser Txunamy. She has also performed in KAR( Redondo Beach), WCDE Nationals, and Starpower Nationals. Also, she has performed with many famous choreographers like Erica Leo, Mandy Rogers, and Erik Sandoval.

Coco has performed in jazz, lyrical and hip hop genres. She has also done few commercials even for Bing Bong stuffed animal toys. Likewise, Quinn is also a part of the YouTube channel called Quinn sisters where she posts her dancing videos with her sister. The three sisters share funny real-life challenges, hilarious skits, creative DIYs, shopping hauls, amazing traveling vlogs, and other entertaining content. She began her competitive dancing career in 2013. Coco has trained in various dance forms, such as contemporary, jazz, tumble, tap, hip hop, and ballet.

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