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Erik Salitan Wife, Net Worth, Married, Son, Family

Survival is the key instinct that has gotten humanity to where it is. People might have forgotten it but without hunting and salvaging, we would never have made it this far. Few people have dared to get out of their comfort zones and explore the world in its rawest form. Erik Salitan has dedicated his life to exploring the wilderness and finding a way to survive seemingly impossible conditions.

The 30-year-old is best known for his role in the hit National Geographic series, Life Below Zero. As the name suggests, the show revolves around surviving in sub-zero temperatures and coming out on top. It is one of the hardest jobs anyone can get as those are some of the harshest environments on the planet that he has to survive. But despite all odds, he always finds a way to get back on top. Thus far, his survival quest has been an extremely successful one as he is yet to die. He always finds out a way to live to tell the tale.

His life has not always been this way as he used to live a normal life before he hit the age of 18. One day, he suddenly realized that he did not want to live like a robot and explore the vast wilderness. He then set out on a journey like no other. Since then, almost everything has changed for him and he does not seem to be regretting any decisions that he has ever made.

During his voyage as a survivor, he has also made quite a lot of money as he has a hefty net worth. The 30-year-old has an estimated net worth of $400,000. Most of his wealth comes from his contract with the National Geographic channel. He also makes some money through hunting.

Erik Salitan – Love Life, Family, and Children

They say love finds a way and in his case, it really has as in the profession that he is in, it is really hard to find a partner. But despite all odds, he has found love and has been married to his wife, Martha Mae Salitan. The couple has been together for a really long time. Martha also happens to be an Alaskan native and knows how to survive the wild. The couple cherishes every moment they spend together and that’s how it’s been for several years.

During the time that they have been together, Martha and Erik have welcomed a new member to their family. That being their one and only son, who goes by the name of Lucas Salitan. They have also enrolled him at the Wood River Elementary school.

Short Bio

As per a wiki source, Erik Salitan was born on the 9th of  February, 1984 in New York, USA. He is currently 35 years of age and by profession, he is a television personality as well as a wildlife survivalist. Erik is best known for appearing on the hit National Geographic show, Life Below Zero. 

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