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Discovery channel has always been at the very forefront when it comes to infotainment. The channel is also host to some of the biggest shows on television, including the likes of Man vs Wild and Wicked Tuna. Amongst the most famous shows on the channel is Gold Rush which has its own set of stars. One of those stars is Fred Hurt who is a veteran gold miner.

Fred is amongst the most prominent characters on the show and has been featured in several seasons and dozens of episodes. He has also been featured in Gold Rush: White Water. Which is the spin-off series of Gold Rush: Alaska. He is better known as Dakota Fred Hurt. The veteran also happens to be the leader of the Dakota Family, which is one of the biggest set of gold miners on the show.

He’s been digging gold for almost all of his life and throughout the years of digging gold. He has also managed to amass a significant chunk of wealth for himself. The veteran has an estimated net worth of $4million – 5 million.

Most of which comes from his career as a gold miner. He also makes a healthy amount of money from the Discovery channel which pays him per episode. Although the exact amount is not disclosed, he must make a decent amount.

He serves many roles on the show, some of his roles are gold miner, claim owner, carpenter, fabricator, dredge diver. He also happens to be the father of another passionate gold miner. Who coincidently happens to be one of the most prominent figures on the show Gold Rush. His son goes by the name of Dustin Rush and is also one of the most prominent members of the show. He is also a skilled gold miner.

Fred Hurt – Family and Wife

Fred is the leader of the Dakota family, which is one of the biggest groups of gold diggers on the show. His role in the family is quite significant as he is the most experienced and skilled gold miners on the show. He was married for decades with the love of his life, Lorrayne Hurt.

Caption: Fred with his son and daughter in law(Source: www.facebook.com).

His wife was the person that he loved most in his life and nothing hit him harder than her death. Sadly, Lorrayne passed away in the year 2013. It was a major blow to Fred as he has never been the same man ever since her death. He loved her with his life and would give his life for her.

In the name of children, they have a son, who turned out to be a gold miner as well. Yes, we are talking about Dustin Hurt, who is a prominent member of the show, Gold Rush. Despite the family issues, the father and son are close to each other and love each other.

Short Bio

As per a wiki source, Fred Hurt was born on the 10th of July, 1943 in Minot, North Dakota, USA. He is currently 75 years of age and by profession, he is a gold miner as well as a TV personality. He is best known for being an integral member of the show, Gold Rush.

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