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James Franzo Wife, Married, Net Worth, Kids, Family

Acting is a skill set that can take many shapes as well as sizes. Not many people manage to pull it off and even fewer find success in it. James Franzo is an exception as he is both good at it and is very successful at the art of acting. He is best known for his appearing on the hit National Geographic series, Life Below Zero. 

The show has been helpful is kickstarting the career of many celebrities before him. But his case is different as he is much more famous for his voice rather than his acting, He has been narrating for the show since it’s inception and his voice is almost synonymous with the show itself.

In one of the seasons of the show, he was not available so, they hired a new narrator. The fans got outraged and almost protested to have him back. Turns out, he was out due to illness and they had to find someone to fill his shoes. He came back with a bang next season and has not missed an episode of the show ever since.

His career as an actor started way early as it can be traced as far back as 1965 according to IMDB. That’s when he made his television debut on the show Days of Our Lives. The show is a daytime soap opera and is still running today. He also makes quite a bit of money through his television contracts. The 48-year-old has an estimated net worth of $250,000. Which is justifiable as he has been involved in the industry since a very young age.

James Franzo – Love Life and Family

He is a married man, however, the identity of his wife is yet unknown. As he has chosen to keep the identity of his loved ones confidential for the time being. He is merely the voice behind the curtains and the fans don’t need to know much about him. He is rarely seen on camera.

It’s also unclear whether he has kids or not, as he is rarely seen on camera and even fewer details are known about his personal life. He is 48-year-old and most 48-year-olds are settled men and have children but we cannot say that for sure as he has not revealed much information regarding his family.

Short Bio

James Franzo was born on the 11th of February, 1970 and is currently 48 years of age. By profession, he is an actor as well as a voice artist who is best known as the voice of the hit National Geographic show, Life Below Zero. He belongs to Caucasian ethnicity and American nationality. Besides that, not much is known about him as he is a behind the curtains person whose voice is the only thing that comes out.

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