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Jojo Gomez Age, Height, Dating, Net Worth

Dancers are the soul of any program related to entertainment. There is at least one dance performance in any kind of shows. Likewise, there were many dancers in our society who were not becoming public about their talent. There are many hurdles that were stopping dancers to showcase their talent. And one of the major issues was the platform. There was a time when dancers were not treated as a reliable person to start a stable life with. Despite all those past, the scenario for dancers is changing.

Moreover, reality shows are the best platforms for the dancers. There are many dancing reality shows that are doing a great job to create a huge number of dancing stars around the globe. “America’s Got Talent” is one of those shows that is giving good exposure to all the artists including the dancers. In the long list of dancers from the show, JoJo Gomez is the name which cannot be avoided.

JoJo Gomez is a dancer and choreographer from America. She became the heart throbbing artist of the people from the shows like “Beyond Dance,” “America’s Got Talent,” and “The X Factor.” She has also been part of many music videos of great artists and also has a YouTube Channel with her name.


Every boy wants a girl who is dedicated to her work, fit and healthy. And when they fell for a dancing girl, it is tough for the boy not to love such a girl. And also, a beautiful and soulful dancer is mostly found to be in a relationship. As everyone needs their better half, at some point in their life who can support them in their bad days. And it also seems like, JoJo Gomez has also found her better half.

JoJo Gomez seems to be spending her time with Donovan Okimura aka Rude Boy. Donovan is her fellow dancer. JoJo expressed her love for Donovan in her Instagram post on his birthday. The couple shows the chemistry between them in the photos.

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Happy Birthday to the man I love, my best friend, & the person I could never live without.❤️ You have no idea how much you mean to me. Thank you for saving my life 4 years ago. Thank you for showing me what unconditional love & true friendship really is. You inspire me beyond words with your heart, kindness, compassion, and undeniable talent. I’ll never stop thanking God for the love we have ❤️. I could keep writing for hours but we have a full day planned & Instagram can’t relatealooooo. I love you more than Starbucks & puppies. I love you & I never want to live a second without loving dat ass. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUBBA!!!!❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️ #HappyBirthday #Bubba #Bear #BubbaBear #Boyfriend #SexyAss #ILoveHim

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Caption: JoJo wishing Donovan on his birthday

JoJo feels very blessed and fortunate to have Donovan in her life. She confessed that he is her best friend. Donovan has created some best part of her life. He has been very supportive of JoJo for which she is very grateful.

Net Worth

Though JoJo Gomez has been part of the dance industry from a small age and has been part of many big projects, her net-worth is still not public. According to Social Blade, her channel has a ranking of 9,725th subscriber rank, 19,438th video view rank, 11,337th social blade rank and an estimated monthly earnings of $3.1K-$50.1K and an annual revenue of $37.6K-$600.9K and channel grading of B. It can be predicted that she has a net worth of more than a million dollars as she has done many big projects with great artists.

JoJo Gomez’s Short Bio

On July 9, 1993, JoJo Gomez was born in the United States. Her current age is 25 years old. There is no detail about her height. Her real name is Joanna Marie. She has been part of music videos of huge artists like Stefan Kendal Gordy, Kimberly Cole and Beyonce Knowles. JoJo created her YouTube Channel in November 2009. She has also given tribute to Britney Spears at the Music Awards in 2011. On “The Voice” she danced along with Justin Bieber.

JoJo had completed her training in classical dance by the age of eleven. She was also a part of a dance workshop in Atlanta, Georgia. JoJo auditioned for a talent agency and was signed in. She established as a young dancer in the industry in the five years. But as she started gaining weights, she started getting fewer dance projects. Then she worked in her body and to become fit once again. After she reshaped her body, she started teaching dance and choreographing songs. Also, she started operating on YouTube.

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