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Keaton Hoskins Wife, Age, Brother, Net Worth, Married

Automobile industries are growing on a rapid scale these days. With the invention of the latest modern technologies, these automobiles are continuously evolving, bringing new ideas and developments each day. Many people are dependent on these machines from day to day work. With the boom in this market, competition has increased as many people are making it their profession. One such innovative creator is Keaton Hoskins.

Keaton Hoskins aka The Muscle is a well-known fitness instructor and diesel fanatic. He grew up in Utah. Keaton is a great lover of diesel machines. He came from a family of diesel car enthusiasts. This is where the Muscle most likely developed his love and knowledge for cars. Keaton has gone on record stating that he was hooked to diesel trucks the very second he stepped into one.

Keaton Hoskins got the name The Muscle as a fitness instructor. Currently, he’s working on the Discovery Channel hit reality TV show, Diesel Brothers, which highlights the friends’ custom vehicle builds crazy stunts, and elaborate pranks. Since the starting of this show, his popularity has increased drastically and made him famous overnight. This show is one of the most viewed reality show on the channel. His greatest loves are football, diesel trucks, God, Country, and family.

Short Bio, Age

Keaton “The Muscle” Hoskins was born on the 5th of September in Kaysville, Utah. The star is somewhere in his mid-40s.  This is the best guess we could make as he has not relayed his exact year of birth. Keaton is extremely athletic and maintains his body through regular workouts and hard training. The Muscle comes from a family of diesel fanatics. He credits his late father and his family by teaching him how to work hard and work smart.

He took up a few jobs in garages when he was young, honing his skills and trying to learn as much as he could about diesel vehicles. But cars were not his only passion, as Keaton was also an avid football fan. To that extent, he played it growing up, especially during his high school days. This is what undoubtedly provided the foundation for his career in the world of fitness. The early stages of his career can be traced back to the gym. The muscle was a personal trainer; and a good one at that as he has helped well over 2500 clients achieve their fitness goals.

He would then decide to go into business with his longtime friend, Heavy D, and join the diesel Sellerz. Keaton got a chance to apply his skills and knowledge on diesel vehicles. His contribution helped the group gain the attention of the producers on the Discovery Channel. Afterward, they were given their own show, Diesel Brothers.

Keaton Hoskins Brother, Family,

The Discovery Channel star Keaton Hoskins has a beautiful family. But not much information is on the internet about his family. His father died 10 years ago when he was just 21. He loves and respects his father. On one of his Instagram posts, he posted the picture of his late father and also shares that his father was one of the toughest and most determined people he ever knew. He credits his success and enthusiasm to his late father whom he admired a lot.

After his father died his mother raised the family on her own. He has four brothers and also has a sister. On one post, he congratulates on her wedding day. All of his brothers are involved in different professions.

Keaton Hoskins Marriage, Wife

He was married to Jenny Hoskins. They have two daughters namely Tea, 5 and Cali, 2. But afterward, they got divorced. On one of his posts, he mentions that he still respects her and will always be there to help her in need. Now they co-parent their daughters together. They seem to be in peace with each other. He loves his daughters very much and often shares pictures with them on social media.

Caption: Keaton’s wife and daughters (Source: distractify.com)

Net Worth

Keaton is a professional fitness trainer, diesel lover and also entrepreneur. He has made a decent living out of his profession. Diesel Brothers is an extremely hit show and has collected a lot of revenue. He also posses expensive cars and machines.

It is estimated that Keaton “The Muscle” Hoskins from Diesel Brothers’ net worth is $500 thousand, an amount he has garnered from TV shows, bodybuilders competitions and a part-time job as a personal trainer.

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