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Miss Mulatto Boyfriend, Sister, Parents, Mother, Net Worth

Hip-Hop has established itself as one of the biggest genres in music with hundreds of millions of followers. It is clearly one of the biggest factions of the entire music industry. Historically, females have not been considered big players in Hip-Hop but with the recent rise of female rappers, things are changing rapidly. Miss Mulatto is leading the female Hip-Hop revolution alongside fellow rappers, Iggy Azaelia, and Nicki Minaj.

At just 20, she has already established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the hip hop world. She is one of the very few female rappers who has won major competitions in Hip-Hop. The 20-year-old made a name for herself by becoming the winner of the inaugural season of The Rap Game. The series is a competition where amateur rappers get to showcase their talent. And boy did she show hers as she sliced through the competition as a hot knife does through butter.

Her musical journey started a really long time age in the year 2008. That’s when she was introduced with her first musical instrument. She instantly fell in love with it and decided to pursue a career in music. After a decade of the incident, she has established herself as a disrupter in the hip hop game and is willing to go leaps and bounds beyond her competition.

Caption: Miss Mullato doing freestyle Rap(Source: www.instagram.com).

Besides being a musician, she is also really popular on social media. The 20-year-old currently has more than 2.2 million followers on her self titled Instagram account. On top of that, she has a further 600,000 followers on her Twitter handle. She is also extremely popular on radio as well as other audio streaming platforms as her songs are regularly featured there.

Miss Mulatto – Love Life and Family

The 20-year-old seems to be single at the moment as she has not hinted anything regarding her boyfriend. Her social media posts are also evident that she is not dating anyone as it has not featured a man in ages. But things have not always been this way and she has certainly dated men in the past. There is loads of historical evidence that suggests that she has been engaged in romantic relationships.

She dated fellow Hi-Hop star Bandit Gang Marco in the year 2015. Their relationship lasted a couple of years and they had spent quality time in the company of each other. Things started going downhill for the couple the following year as there had been constant news of dispute. And during the chaos, they decided to call it quits and move on with their lives.

As per her family, her family consists of four members, two of them being her parents. And the fourth member being her little sister. Her father goes by the name of Shayne Pitts and is an entrepreneur. As per her mother, not much information is available regarding her. Her sister goes by the name of Brooklyn.

Short Bio

As per a wiki source, Miss Mulatto was born Alyssa Michelle Stephens on the 22nd of December, 1998. She is currently 20 years of age and by profession, she is a rapper as well as a musician. She is best known for being the winner of the inaugural season of The Rap Game.

Miss Mulatto has an estimated net worth of $500,000 most of which is thanks to the show ‘The Rap Game’. She made quite a bit of money by winning the first season of the show. After she won the show, she was hired as a cast member and is paid for every episode that she is featured in.

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