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Sandro Maniaci Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Parents, Girlfriend

Tuna fishing is no easy task as thousands have already lost their lives trying to tame the beast. Nothing has made this fact more apparent than National Geographic where they have a show dedicated to Tuna fishing. The show goes by the name of Wicked Tuna. The show is host to a bucketload of celebrities. One particularly exciting youngster that has come out of the show is Sandro Maniaci.

Sandro has been associated with the show for around seven years as he joined in early 2012. Since then, he has been responsible for catching tonnes of fish which has helped his career grow in a big way. He is one of the most prominent fishers on the show who is not a captain. He goes by the epithet of the silent assassin and lives up to the name. As he does not speak much and does his fishing skills do the talking for him.

Sandro serves as a deckhand under captain Dave Carraro and first mare Paul Herbert. His rank might not be that high on the ship but the people who outrank him are simply phenomenal fishermen. Despite him not being in a big post, he is still considered a threat to the show as his fishing skills are sublime.

He has been fishing for almost all of his life as his career as a fisherman started way back when he was attending grade school. By the time he got to high school, he was already catching sunfish at a local pond.

Besides being a popular fisherman, he is also quite popular on social media. Sandro has a total of 11.8K followers on his Instagram account. And a further 15K followers on his self titled Twitter handle.

Sandro Maniaci – Family and Love Life

The 32-year-old has always kept his love life away from the limelight and has tried to live a low key life. Although he has not always been successful at maintaining a low key personality, he does that whenever he has a chance to do it. It’s precisely because of that fact that he has not spilt any beans on his love life yet. But in one of his tweets in the year 2014, he mentioned that he is not married. It’s been five years since the tweet and a lot of things have changed ever since. He recently posted a picture of himself with a mysterious lady on his Instagram account.

Caption: Sandro with his supposed girlfriend(Source: www.instagram.com).

As per his family, the 32-year-old is yet to shed any light on any of his family members. We do not have any information on who his parents are and where he comes from. However, we do know that his parents have been very helpful in getting him to where he is. His father is the one who trained him.

Short Bio

As per a wiki source, Sandro Maniaci was born on the 22nd of November, 1986 in England. He is currently 32 years of age and by profession, he is a fisherman who is best known for being on the show Wicked Tuna. He belongs to White ethnicity and by nationality, he is English.

As per his net worth, it is very hard to estimate his earnings as he is not one of the higher ranked captains. However, what we know about his profession is the fact that Deckheads make an average of $32,000 – $40,000 per year. Considering this, we can assume that his net worth is somewhere in the neighbourhood of $100,000 – $150,000.

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