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Supa Peach Boyfriend, Dating, Family, Sister, Real Name

Mastering an art form can take entire lifetimes, and very few people are able to master more than one of them. Supa Peach falls on the latter category as she has mastered multiple skills and is very successful in all of them. She falls in the niche category of people who are successful at more than one discipline.

Supa is a singer, a rapper as well as an actress, her all-around capabilities are what sets her apart from the crowd. She’s been performing on the mainstream since before her age hit double digits. It’s no wonder that she has mastered multiple art forms as she has been doing them for almost all of her life.

The 15-year-old has made a name for herself through social media as well. She has more than 425,000 followers on her self titled YouTube channel. Her channel is filled with the content of her singing as well as dancing. She is also a talented dancer and showcases it on her YouTube channel.

She is also very popular on Instagram which is slowly rising to the top when it comes to social media platforms. Supa has a whopping 1.5 million followers on the platform and her popularity only continues growing. YouTube is where she shines through as she posts all of her songs on the platform. And her YouTube channel is filled with all sorts of stuff from songs to vlogs, she has it all covered.

She is also known for covering popular songs, she posts covers of popular songs all the time on YouTube. The most popular cover song that she has posted on the platform is. Bobby Shamurda’s remix which goes by the name of “Hot Chick”.

Supa Peach – Love Life and Family

The 15-year-old is still far too young to be engaged in a romantic relationship. She has never been spotted with anyone publically. Neither has she mentioned that she has ever had a boyfriend. All of her social media accounts are also very indicative of her love life as they have not featured any boys in ages. So, it should be safe to assume that Supa Peach is single and not dating anyone for the time being. She was once rumored to be dating fellow rapper J.I. But they are just rumors as nothing official has come out yet.

Caption: Supa with her brother( Source:www.YouTube.com).

As per her family, her mother goes by the name of Josetta Peach and is very supportive of her. As it is her who decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia to provide Supa with every opportunity to succeed. She also has an older sister named Precious Peach who is also very supportive of her. Sadly, no information is available about her father and that’s a real shame as we’d all love to know about it. She also has an aunt who goes by the name of Mini Peach, she also happens to be a successful YouTuber. She also has a brother whose name is unknown at the time. However, he has been featured on her YouTube channel.

Short Bio

Supa Peach was born Peaches on the 7th of March, 2003 in the British Virgin Islands. Her real name is Peaches and she is said to have derived her stage name from her real name. She is currently 15 years of age and by profession, she is a singer, a rapper as well as an actress. Supa is best known for her YouTube channel where she has 425,000 followers.

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