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Al Morganti Age, Wife, Married, Daughter, Net Worth

Media is the field which hires someone mostly on the talent of a person. There are many parts in the media which are fit for almost every literate person. Usually, the most famous persons in the media lines are those who are either on television or radio or newspaper.

As per the quality talent of the media person to communicate through appearance or sound or writing. Usually, such persons highly focus on one genre, but still, some people are best in all types of media. And Al Morganti is one of them.

Al Morganti is a popular name in the field of media as a Journalist, Television, Sports Radio. He is very good at interactions and communication. With the excellent texture of his voice and a pleasing eye personality, Al is fit for both the Television and radio audience.  The energy with which he runs his show in both television and radio makes him recognizable. He was also fluent playing with the words and was a columnist.

Al Morganti is famous for his dedication as a beat reporter for ten years in The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Flyers Hockey. The coverage of hockey in ESPN seems to be the passion of Al as he is the familiar face in of the coverage. His excellent comedy timing and a great sense of humor make “The WIP Morning Team” very interesting for the audience.


There is always a story of struggle, joy, tears and other emotions behind the current state of every family. So do Al Marganti recalls his beautiful moments with his wife Carole in an interview with philly.com, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, which was posted on the site on Feb 11, 2009, expressing the 1980s love story.

Al and his wife Carole are the happy residents of Medford who also have a beautiful love story behind their ages of marriage.  Their love story begins in the stadium where Al used to cover the Philadelphia Flyers for the Inquirer and Carole worked as the PR for the Furry soccer team.

Al would notice Carole running around the Vet Stadium. Then, when she moved to The Spectrum, one could find Al running behind Carole whenever she was running in the stadium which Al feels today to be a memorable moment for him.

Also, Al went through many channels before to make a connection with Carole. Jane Wyne was the primary person, who played a vital role in their love story, as Jane introduced formally around the Spectrum. They had their first date on Valentine’s Day in 1981. And Jane gifted Carole red roses which she found cute but until the day she had known him from his byline.

Carole is a very pretty, smart and witty girl according to Al and he was lucky to have Carole in his life as he even enjoyed the best concerts for free in the Spectrum stadium. After three to four years of relationship, Carole asked him, “So we are getting married or not?”.

Then there was a formal engagement after Christmas 1984, and Al’s family was late for the wedding on Sept. 14, 1985, due to the horrible directions from Al. And they started their happily married life. The couple feels proud to be parents of a college sophomore daughter (in 2009). They have not introduced their daughter much in public.

Net Worth

According to the chron.com, Sports analysts start their careers opening on sports and mostly reporting on games. Then, after years of dedication and reporting, they turn to be a sports analyst. Also, the famous sports analyst like Bob Costas earns upward of $7 million a year. And following the track is Al Michaels of NBC and Joe Buck of Fox with an annual salary of $6 million.

And with the same amount of dedication and activeness by Al, Al seems to be in the same league of net worth and salary although his salary and net worth are not public.

Al’s Short Bio

On 12/1/1952, Al Morganti was born in Boston. His current age is 66 years old. He completed his Journalism from Boston University of Communication and started writing for The Boston Globe and became the beat writer for the Atlanta Flames.

Al was a regular hockey analyst for ESPN in between 1993 to 2005 before joining the Flyers broadcast crew and hockey writer for The Philadelphia Inquirer. He has been part of the Morning Show on WIP since the 1990s.

Al Morganti is famous hockey analyst who appears on National Hockey League regularly. Al also does pre and post-game analyst who goes air on Comcast Sportsnet Philadelphia for the Flyers. People know him as the brainchild of WIP’s Wing Bowl, the international known wing eating competition held on the Friday before Super Bowl.

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