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Sky Brown Skater, Parents, Mom, Family, Ethnicity

Sky Brown who is just a 10-year-old girl, has great talent and works for her career which she wants to do for the rest of her life. She is the new generation inspiring many others from such a young age. She is already a pro skater, and YouTube videos of her shredding hard have amassed hundreds of thousands of views.

Sky Brown journey to the Olympics

Sky has appeared on TV shows like ‘Dancing With The Stars’. But now Sky Brown is reaching to get to the top by becoming Britain’s youngest participant at a summer Olympics at Tokyo Games next year in Japan.

If she is qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Games, she will be the youngest contestant to be selected at any Olympic games held. So, let’s hope for the best and wait for the results which will be announced on Thursday.

Sky Brown Bio:

Sky Brown birthday is on  12, 2008, in Miyazaki, Japan. She has a baby brother named Ocean Brown. Stuart as father & Mieko Brown who is her mother and they are a proud parent of both of their children. They are a happy family with two talented children and supportive parents.

Sky learned to skateboard when she was just 3 years old where she learned by herself. Although of her young age, she became one of the youngest skater girls to compete at a professional skateboarding competition.

Both Sky and her brother Ocean skate loved to skate and got good at skating. It can be very hard to pass time when you are young and don’t know what to do but being together sharing the same passion. They get to share those amazing moments and experience together.

Sky Said: “Just like me, Ocean saw people around him skateboarding from a young age and decided he was going to do it too”

Sky’s Family and Her Ethnicity

Her father Stuart is a British citizen and her mother is a Japanese citizen and used to stay in Japan. But their family moved to America later and Sky started to follow her dreams. Her parents and family are very supportive of her choice. She moved primarily to focus on her skating and surfing and expanding her career which she loved the most.

Stuart admits that he initially wanted not to follow such daredevil sports thought that it was not safe for her daughter. Her mother too didn’t want Sky flirt with danger and was nervous every time. They have a small family member but share lots of love among them.

But as a family, a loving parent must let both of them do it in spite of their safety. If parents tried to stop their children from doing anything in life they will regret those moments for the rest of their life.

The rise of Sky’s Career

Going fully skating, surfing professional at such a young can put her into a lot of pressure. But her parents are always there and keeps on supporting them and helping them manage and organized everything for both of them.

Sky not only skates and surfs she can also dance. She reached on the finals at “Dancing with the stars junior” with her partner JT Church. She is very talented and she is inspiring many youngsters and inspiring people who are scared of not pursuing what they love and scared to take risks in their life.

Sky not only follows her dreams but also thinks about others. Brown collaborated with board manufacturer and charity partner, for raising money for underprivileged children in poor areas of the world to build skate schools. The charity has raised an amount of over $17,000.

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