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Frank Fritz Gay, Net Worth, Married, Wife, Family, Bio

People buy different kind of machinery products for a different purpose. But everything has its a certain time of utilization. After a certain interval of time, the efficiency of the machines starts to decrease. They start to perform after it’s continuous and long term use. Then the good start to depreciate and it’s monetary value starts decreasing. Likewise, people sold such machines in the price of scrap.

Most of the people don’t know how to utilize the scrap or get best out of it. Hence, there are people who do scrap business and utilize useless goods. And motorcycles and cars are also one of the machines which are sold in the value of scrap after it’s long term use. Despite it’s no use, many engineers and modifiers know how to use the parts of these old vehicles and make a usable machine. This is the proper utilization of the zero value goods.

Moreover “American Pickers” is one the best show that knows the value of antiques. The hosts know the value of scraps. They know how to get the best out of it. And Frank Fritz is one of those hosts of the show. He was a fire and safety inspector but as he had a passion for collecting old stuff from childhood, he quit the job and started enjoying his passion.


Although Frank Fritz is a popular host of the History Channel. He likes to keep his family details private. Frank does not tweet more about his family and friends and is not very active in social media regarding his personal details. Likewise, Frank Fritz is not married yet that means the answer to the question “ Who is the wife of Frank?” is that he is single and has no wife or children.

Moreover, people really suspect a man to be gay if he is in the media field and is not seen dating a girl or is in a relationship. Even, Frank has been suspected many times whether he is gay or not.

It seems like Frank is very passionate about the old stuff and antique goods that he never thought of being alone. He seems to be totally complete with his job. Likewise, he has already married his job that’s why he is not trying to get happy with any other girls. But people seeing him alone suspect him as a gay.

Net Worth

Frank Fritz has been popular since his involvement in the famous show “American Pickers.” His other big projects also include “American Dad!” He also has written books titling “How to Pick Vintage Motorcycles.” Frank has also created a website called “Kids Pickers” to discuss choosing the bike. He also has a “Restorations Company” to restore the antique fixtures and sold them. According to the celebritynetworth.com, he has a net worth of $4 million.

Frank Fritz’s Short Bio

On October 11, 1965, Frank Fritz was born in Davenport, Iowa, USA. Fran started picking antiques from a very small age. He started an antique shop with his high school friend with the same interest which they named “Antique Archaeology” where they renovate and sell antiques. The shop is located in Le Claire in Lowa, United States. His friend and co-host Mike call him the bearded charmer. They spend lots of their time in road digging for treasure iron barns, garages, and junkyards across America.

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