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Kyndall Harris Age, Boyfriend, Parents, Height, Net Worth

Dancers have a very supportive and creative mind. Every day a new dancing star is born, and new dancing form gets public. In this era of internet, dancers are getting a lot of platforms to showcase the talent and get the payback of their effort. Dance is the field which can be entered at any age and flourish the passion.

Similarly, the trends of establishing the name in the dance field are increasing day by day, and people are very prone to support their child in dance at an early age. The reality shows and YouTube has been playing a vital role to provide an opportunity to make a career in Dance field.

Among the shining pearls of dancers, Kyndall Harris is a name which is shinning very brightly and spreading its light in the dance field. Kyndall is a very clean dancer. She is expressive and smooth at liquid popping.


Shontal and Terris Harris gave birth to Kyndell Harris. The role of Kyndal’s has a significant role in the success of her career. Her parents were always supportive of her dance ever since her early childhood. Kyndal’s mother has made many sacrifices for her passion. She even left her job for Kyndal. And all those sacrifices from her family seems to be fruitful. She is very much happy in her happy with her three sisters and a brother.

Is Kyndall dating?

Dance is a drug. Every dose of it increases your hunger for another dose. It is like an ocean with numerous amount of drug which is full of varieties and is almost impossible to taste every kind of drug in one life. One cannot learn every form of dance in a single entity. And even if you are sticking with one form, the form is adequate to take your whole life to flourish as a pro.

Kyndall is a very optimistic, positive minded dancer who takes dance seriously and is dedicating her most of the time in learning dance, taking classes, performing in the awards show, giving dance workshops and programs. Her involvement in such activities is more than enough to make her busy all day long and make her feel productive and refreshed at the same time.

The way of living of Kyndall is enough to understand that she is in deep love with dance which will always love her back and has no thoughts of starting in a relationship and finding a boyfriend till now.

Net Worth

Kyndall has achieved name, fame, and opportunities at a minimum age. Although she is very famous, she has not starred in advertisement and endorsement. Her appearance in many significant award functions and projects is enough to make an idea of her financial situation. But still, her property is not public.

As Kyndall is also a YouTuber, who is very much famous for her dance videos, according to Social Blade, her channel has the ranking of 347,664th subscriber rank, 1,916,290th video view rank, 1,854,672nd social blade rank and estimated monthly earnings of $2-$32 and estimated yearly revenues of $24-$382 and with the channel grade of C+.

Short Bio

On December 11, 2002, Kyndall was born in Tennessee, USA. Her current age is 16 years old, and the birth sign is Sagittarius. She has a height of about 5 feet 5inches.

Kyndall started dancing at the age of six. In the beginning, she was dancing to entertain people in the house gatherings and meetups. But later, she decided to take the career seriously. In 2013, Kyndall also participated in the junior Olympics which has supported in her dancing career in the form a high amount of stamina.

Kyndall is famous as a part of the NBA Memphis Grizzlies junior dance team in 2009. She was also a part of Janet Jackson’s Unbreakable World Tour as the youngest dancer. She has also appeared in The State of the World Tour. Her performance on Nickelodeon’s Lip Sync Battle Shorties was remarkable.

Kyndall has also given guest appearance on various TV programs including the Netflix’s ‘Little Big Shots’, ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show,’ ‘Radio Disney Awards’, etc. She also showcased her talent in ‘America’s Got Talent (Season 10).’

Kyndall is famous for her cover dance video in Panda by Brooklyn with Taylor Hatala. This cover dance video has 15 million views on YouTube. Antonie Troupe choreographed the song, and the woo dancers had learned the routine in 2 hours as per mentioned in Essence.com

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