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Kyra Phillips Age, Twins, Salary, Bio, Spouse

Journalists are also known as the fourth body that regulates the country other than the main bodies Legislative, Executive and Judiciary. They are always on tiptoes for finding the right story and to aware people of any kinds of issues around the globe. Likewise, Kyra Phillips is one of those journalists whose journalism have made an impact on the life of people.

Kyra Phillips is an award-winning correspondent. She was a part of the CNN investigative and documentary units, based at the network’s world headquarters in Atlanta. Kyra joined CNN in 1999. She moves to HLN in 2012 to host “Raising America with Kyra Phillips” which was a daily interactive, investigative program that was designed to impact the modern American family.

Kyra Phillips is one of the daring reporters in the history of Journalism. Furthermore, she has tried the best from her side to show the capability of a woman. Kyra has traveled around the globe for various coverage and investigation on a wide range of breaking news. She has also done four tours on Iraq where she succeeded to cover the war and its effect on the people. Then Kyra also captured the Baghdad School for The Blind, substance abuse within the Iraqi military, and an exclusive lo inside Saddam Hussein’s cell and his diary.

Kyra’s war coverage helped her a lot to win Atlanta Press Club’s National Reporter of The Year for 2007.

Kyra’s Relation with her Spouse

The Emmy award winner Kyra Phillips has a different and somewhat a nostalgic family. Kyra Phillips married John Assad in 2000. There are no personal details available of her first husband and why they came to end of their relationship.

Kyra Phillips started dating John Roberts in December 2008. Kyra and John are the CNN anchors. John seems to have a very romantic way of proposing Kyra. He left a card on the pin and an engagement ring in the cup at the 18th hole and introduced her at the golf course of West Virginia’s famed Greenbrier Resort. John thrilled Kyra by knowing exactly how to win the heart of Kyra.

The couple is the third CNN couple after John King & Dana Bash and James Carville &Mary Matalin.

The journey towards parents of twins

Kyra Phillips and John Roberts are the parents of beautiful twins. But the journey of the couple becoming was not so easy. With the years of trying for natural insemination, the couple was still not able to get the happiness of fusion of their gametes. Therefore on the medical advice, they decided to go for the IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) method technology.

IVF is a boon for the couples who are not able to make babies from a natural process. In IVF, a syringe is injected in the fallopian tube of the female reproductive organ to collect the ova and is stored in a sterile condition in the lab. Then scientists fuse the sperm and the ova in the laboratory.

When the fusion succeeds, and there is the formation of an embryo, it is developed to the favorable weeks in the laboratory until it is fit for the implantation in the female reproductive organ. Though it is a costly process and some people also have protested regarding tagging the process unethical, it is a gift for couples with late marriage and facing challenges to have babies from the natural process.


Kyra Phillips has been a part of CNN as a correspondent for 19 years and is now in ABC. She has been part of many local and global broadcasting company. Kyra has been successful in interviewing many high profile personalities from presidents to Mother Teresa.

Although the salary and net worth are not still public, according to glassdoor.com, the average salary of base reporters is around $58K-$63K. So it Kyra must have a salary higher than this base salary.

Kyra Phillip’s Short Bio

Kyra Phillip was born on August 8, 1968, in San Diego, California, USA. Her current age is 50 years old. Her birth name was Kyra June Phillips. She gave the birth to two twins at the age of 42. The name of her son is Kellen Clay Roberts and daughter is sage Ann Roberts on March 15, 2011. Kyra completed her bachelor’s degree I Journalism from the University of Southern California.

Kyra Phillip had made a documentary about race relations and tensions in Jena, Louisiana including the appearances of nooses at the town’s high school. This documentary earned the top documentary award from the Society of Professional Journalism. She was the first journalist to fly in F-14 air-to-air combat training mission over the Persian Gulf.

Kyra also spends a month in Antarctica in the guidance of Sir Ernest Shackleton for a documentary. She even built and slept in an igloo, rappelled down the glaciers, and introduced rare penguin colonies to the world and explored some of the fascinating scientific histories in 2002.

Kyra has been mentoring programs as A Big Sister with national Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America. She is the part of the board of The Brain Tumor Foundation for Children and the Fisher House Foundation. Kyra received The National global Down Syndrome Foundation’s Quincy Jones Exceptional Advocacy Award. She is now its Global Ambassador.

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