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Robin Robinson Age, Bio, Husband, Relationship, Net Worth

Journalists spend most of their life running behind a good story and interviewing prestigious people. Similarly, the TRPs of the channel and media hub along with its popularity depends on journalist’s reporting, interviewing skills, presentation and many more. They are always after many public personalities to make a change in society. Journalists are also known as the watchdog of a democratic country as it fights for the right of needy people in the country.

Like many other journalists to contribute to the society, Robin Robinson who is a well-known reporter and it has provided a lot to the WFLD TV. She graduated from Claremont High School and got her bachelor’s degree from San Diego State University.


The relationship is all about the trust, love, and compassion shown by the couples to each other. And when there is a misunderstanding or lack of compatibility, even the closest relationships broke. Something like this might have happened in the life of Robin Robinson.

Robin Robinson with a charming personality had few love lives. She dated Stedman Graham, who was an author, educator, businessman and future partner of Oprah Winfrey from 1982 to 1985.

Robin in the journey of finding her better half had married three times. Robin married Steve Williams who was a retired track and field sprinter in 1980s. They separated due to many reasons. Later in 1986 she married Terrence Brantley but still separated in 1990. Then in 1991, she married Dennis Allen and divorced with him in 1994. Robin and Williams had a daughter in 1989. The couple named her Jade. Also, she had a son with Allen in 1991 and called him Cameron.


As per the long experience and her dedication towards her work, she has been part of many news as a host. In her 27 years of long career in Fox WFLD-TV, she has hosted as an anchor. Though her net worth is not much public, according to some reports and details, she has sold her house for $1.175 million in 2013. And also according to payscale.com, the average salary of the news anchor in Chicago is $98,870.

Robin Robinson’s Short Bio

On August 4, 1957, Robin Robinson was born in Chicago, Illinois, the U.S. Her current age is 59. She went to Claremont High School and San Diego State University. Her full name is Robin Carole Robinson. She is remembered for her 27 years off a career as a primary news anchor at Fox-owned WFLD-TV in Chicago. She is currently a part of WBBM (AM)’s radio as a fill-in anchor and runs her show “Robin’s Nest” in WVON as a host.

Robin stated, “There is no Santa,” on December 1, 2011, during a 9 p.m. live newscast. The television station received many calls complaining about her statement. In response to that, she apologized and acknowledged that she should have given viewers the chance to take their children out before delivering the comment.

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