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Sky Katz Age, Height, Mom, Nationality, Family, Siblings

Thanks to reality shows around the world, we are getting lots of talented persons every day. There was a time when artists always used to hide their talent in the reason of having a lack of platforms and scope. But the talent shows have successfully changed the perspective of the people regarding involvement in the art field.

Sky Katz is also a gift one of the reality shows “America’s Got Talent.” She got popular from the show as a rapper. She performed “Fresh” and “Haters” in the competition which are her originals piece. Sky got viral around the globe in the eleventh season of the season and got about 5 million views in her performance. She was one of the brightest contestants on the show even Simon Cowell praised her.


Skylar Katz is the gift of her parents love towards rap music. Both his father and mother are rap music listeners and are great fans of Tupac and Biggie. She has been listening to rap music ever since the age of five and show deep affection towards Nicki Minaj and Drake. His father Mike is a doctor and mom Fran, a homemaker. She grew up with her three siblings: Haley 18, Madison 16, and Dylan 14. The siblings always used to learn the lyrics and sing along.

Sky had never thought to enter the entertainment field. She always dreamed of walking on the steps of his father and become a doctor. But with the growing age, she started showing a keen interest more to other fields rather than the academic area.  She started playing basketball and was playing with three different traveling teams by the age of 10. At that age, she was exploring herself and was getting into the music.

Sky was also a TV lover. There were many talent shows in the television that inspired her. “America’s Got Talent” and  “American Idol” were some of her inspirational shows. Sky decided to audition for the ‘America’s Got Talent’ when it’s audition was going to take place in 2016. Although she chose to keep it secret from her parents and recorded and sent her audition tapes to the show. Her audition was full of appreciation despite her small age. Hence at the age of 11, She became part of the show.

Sky’s Short Bio

On December 12, 2004, Sky Katz was born in Melville, New York.  And she celebrates her birthday on December 12. Her current age is 14 years old, and the birth sign is Sagittarius. Sky’s nationality is American. Her height is 4 ft 11.75 inches.

Sky Katz was able to win the heart of not only audience but also the strict judge of “America’s Got Talent” Simon Cowell; who commented that she is one of the coolest contestants on the show which helped her for a smooth beginning. Though she was not able to enter quarter-finals from her “ Party Ain’t a Party” performance, she got the fame around most of the social media including Instagram and Snapchat. Many music companies approached her due to her popularity.

Sky started her own YouTube Channel and uploaded the cover of Nicki Minaj’s ‘Monster’ which got half a million views with the months of its upload. Then, she got opportunities to perform in many shows and ward functions like “Rookie USA Fashion Show,” and the “ Winter Film Awards.” She has also made performances at venues such as “Allegria Hotel” in New York, “Camp Chipinaw,” the Healthy Guru Expo and “5 Spot” in Brooklyn.

Sky is also an actress. She has debuted in acting from Disney’s “Raven’s Home.

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