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Sunlen Serfaty Bio, Salary, Net Worth, Height, Husband, Ethnicity

The government has mainly four bodies viz. Legislative, Executive, and Judiciary. Additionally, mass media is known as the fourth body. And journalism is a part of the mass media. In spite of all the difficulties, hurdles, and challenges in the path of giving justice to the people, journalists play a significant role. Though all the journalists are connected with different broadcasting companies, the target of all of the journalist is to make a sustainable change in society.

In the long list of journalists who have a remarkable life and personality in their workspace, Sunlen Serfaty is the name which cannot be missed. Sunlen Serfaty is a parliamentary correspondent. She is associated with CNN in Washington, D.C. Sunlen is versatile in her field. Breaking news, national news, Washington news is one of her specialty in the area of news reporting. And during the Republican primary contest, Sunlen has broadly covered the 2016 Presidential election and has reported from across the whole country.


The family is the strength of every person’s life. It is the friend of both happiness and sadness. And also it plays a vital role during the growth of a child. The environment in which parents bring their child determines the future behavior of the child and the height of success he/she will attain in the future.

Suleman Miller is the daughter of Denise M. Miller and William N. Miller. Her dad is an independent commercial arbitrator and mediator. And her mom is a marketing manager. Although there is not much detail about her paternal and maternal side, there is some information about her family life after her marriage.

Sunlen married Alexis Leigh Serfaty at Rose Park in Washington on a Saturday evening. An Episcopal priest named Emily Guthrie carried the honor of marriage. Sunlen was 32 years old when she married Alexis. Her husband was 33 years old at the time of marriage. He is a policy adviser in the office of the secretary at the Department of Transportation in Washington. Alexis did his graduation from the College of William and Mary. He did his master’s in political science from the Paris Institute of Political Studies.

On May 30, 2017, the couple welcomed a baby girl. They named their daughter Roosevelt Jolie Serfaty. Despite the direction of the name to the Presidential elections, it’s meaning is different and indicates “Rose Field” which is related to the favorite place of the couple; Rose Park. The park is the connecting small green patch between East Georgetown and Dupont Circle where they met for the first time, did the engagement, and even exchange vows.

Net Worth

Despite the popularity of Sunlen, her net worth is still not public. But according to the payscale.com, the average salary of CNN employee is $69K. And as Sunlen is the correspondent, she must have a salary around this figure.

Sunlen’s Short Bio

In 1981 Sunlen Serfaty was born in the United States of America. And so belongs to American ethnicity. Her height is 6 feet. Sunlen graduated from George Washington. She has won an Emmy Award. Sunlen is experienced with White House Reporting and is an expert in the political campaign. She has also worked as a Senate reporter for ABC news and did the cover for President Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. Moreover, she also worked as an associate producer for television and radio projects for the Washington Post between May 2003 and September 2004.

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