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Alex Stokes Age, Height, Parents, Girlfriend, Net Worth

YouTube has become the best platform to share videos regarding entertainment and information. Likewise, there have been many ways of conducting the channel. Some people operate on their own, some operate with their friends in a group, some with their spouse and some with their siblings. Also, the method of operating the channel with their twins’ siblings has been an entertaining way of operating the channel. There is always confusion, contents full of lots of spices and challenges when twins make Youtube videos.

Moreover, there are many Youtube Channels which is run by siblings. And among the channel of twins, “Stokes Twins’ is the channel that cannot be avoided. This is the channel which is run by two identical twin brothers Alex and Alan Stokes.

Alex is an actor and a YouTuber from America. The channel mainly focuses on comedy videos. It is full of pranks, challenges, and even Q &A videos. Alex supports his brother to make their videos more interesting and entertaining.


Alex Stokes is half white and a half Chinese. Though Alex is very famous along with his brother Alan in social media, still the details of their parents are still private to themselves. But it seems like Alan thinks their dad does not care about them as he still cannot differentiate between the twins. Alan tweeted about his dad’s view.

Caption: Alan tweeted that his dad doesn’t care

Also, Alan seems to be fed up of his parents thinking that Alan is smarter than him.

Caption: Alan tweeted about his parents thinking

It seems like Alan is using sarcasm to let their parents knew about his smartness.


Alex is a tall, white and a handsome guy. He has an athletic body with a good sense of humor. Also, he has a charming personality. Instead of all these qualities that he has, he has still not gone public about his girlfriend. There no signs or photos of Alex with any girls that even makes one suspicious that he is secretly leading a relationship.

Alex seems to be very much busy building his career with his brother Alan. Her is quite busy in setting a smile in the face of people such that he has not still thought about finding a girlfriend for himself. But still, The Stokes Twins has made a video about the relationship for Youtube.

Caption: The brothers sharing their information in Q & A

In this video, they have shared the answer to their subscribers. It also includes the answer if relationship.

Net Worth

Although Alex Stokes is famous as Stokes Twins, his net worth is still not public. According to Social Blade, the channel has a ranking of 9,624th subscriber rank, 47,540th video view rank, 12,886th social blade rank and estimated monthly earnings of $3.1K-$50.4K and estimated yearly revenue of $37.8K-$604.6K. And Alex has an equal amount of contribution to the earnings.

Alex Stokes’s Short Bio

On November 23, 1996, Alex Stokes was born in the United States. His current age is 22 years old. His height is 6 feet 1 inch. He has a mole on the right side of his face. This mole helps to distinguish between the twin brothers. Alex along with his brother is a dog lover. The brothers have a dog named Sheeba. It is an Alaskan Malamute. Alex is a pizza lover. He has acrophobia and so loves beaches than mountains. Alex’s celebrity crush is Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner.

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