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Brad Mondo Age, Birthday, Height, Family, Gay, Boyfriend

Many off-screen stars play a significant role in the rise of a star. Directors, editors, writers and all the crew members are responsible for the establishment of an actor in the film industry. Likewise, makeup artists and hair stylist are the ones whose effort any celebrity determines the attraction of any events.

Brad Mondo is one of the highly talented hair stylists. He is very famous for his unique way of hair styling and make-over. Brad is also a model and has worked on various advertisement projects.

Brad is also a YouTuber who is very much famous on YouTube for hairstyling tutorials, makeover and reaction videos. He is very much renowned for reaction videos. Brad can entertain with much hilarious content.


Brad Mondo grew up with his brother Eric in Franklin, Massachusetts. Brad has a special bond with his mother.  His mother has been part of his YouTube videos and many Instagram posts.

Brad loves his mother a lot and gives most of his success credit to his mom. His mother has played a vital role to enhance the talent of Brad.

‘The power of acceptance and support of a mother to his child brings an extraordinary and successful kid.’-Anonymous

It has become true in the case of Brad Mondo. The love and support from his mom as highly supported Brad to reach where he is today.

Is Brad a Gay?

According to the video, “My Coming Out Story,” from his channel, Brad has confessed that he was never gay from the beginning of his life. Brad was dating a girl, and everything was going smoothly in his relation until he met a guy called “Joe( Brad changed the name). Joe was a cool ‘dude’ of the high school and was popular among the students. Brad was part of his famous group and was listening to the rumors about Joe as a gay.

Though Brad was dating his girl, he was hanging out with the favorite kid’s group. He shared the first incident that had left him confused. Brad came out from Joe’s car with him and leaving rest of the group he had moved a bit far with Joe where Joe kissed him. Then Brad startled and felt like cheating his girl but kissed Joe back. Despite the incident, he was quite confused with the feeling as he still has a passion for girls so took himself as a bisexual.

With the time he came to know that he was very much satisfied with boys so accepted himself as a gay. At the age of 20, in 2010, his mom and aunt asked his assurance of whether he was gay or not. For which he accepted to be a gay. His mother told him that his sexual preference did not matter to the family. With full support from family, Joe got the opportunity to be who he was, and rest is the story.

Although, Brad fought the confusion of his sexuality viz. straight, bisexual or gay and had confessed it to the world. But still, have not made the name of his boyfriend public and cleared the rumors of dating someone.

Brad’s Short Bio:

Brad was born in Franklin, MA and his birthday is on October 28, 1994. His current age is 24 years old. His birth sign is Scorpio. He has an attractive height of 5 feet 11 inches. Brad has 2.3 million subscribers in YouTube and  320K followers on Instagram.

Brad is famous for styling the hair of many celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, Heather Marks, Shay Mitchell. He has designed hair of  Daphne Groeneveld.

Brad loves Britney and blonde. He is a huge fan of Jenna Marbles and wants to collaborate with her. His hair products are line up.

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