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Bramty Juliette Age, Pregnant, Siblings, Height, Birthday, House

Bramty Juliette is a content creator, mother, and matriarch of YouTube channel The Bramfam. Bramty is mostly known for her family vlogs, being a young teenage parent. Although she has a very tough mother life to handle she shares her life as a young and confident woman.

Being in a spotlight with a family can be very tough, but she has earned more than 2 million subscribers. She also has a second YouTube channel where she occasionally posts beauty and family-related contents. Being a small family is hard, but she is devoted to her kids and husband.

Bramty Juliette Bio

Bramty Juliette celebrates her birthday on 19th June 1995 in Santiago, Chile, South America. Which means that she is in her mid-’20s and her age is of 23. She came from white South American ethnicity originally from and had an average height of 5 feet 6 inches.

She was raised with her family in her hometown where she spent most of her childhood. Now, Bramty is focusing on her family to make their life better. There is no further detail where she graduated, but she has finished her high school studies with English and Geography.

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Now she is running the family youtube channel where she shares her daily or weekly video she spent with her family and provides married and pregnant women advice to younger people to give them information.

Bramty Juliette Family:

Living separately in a different land can put a lot of pressure on someone’s life, but Bramty got pretty good control over it. Now she has her three children which makes it a little bit hard. Bramty and her husband Luis Espina are living happily. Her husband is a former Navy soldier who used to serve for the government but after having kids he moved onto becoming a good parent.

They named her three children as Penelope Juliette (oldest sister), Balcom Blye (Boy) and Levy Larr (girl).

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Family. Clique. Crew. Gang. Squad.

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Bramty’s mother’s name is Mimi Juliette, and her father name is still unknown. She used to live in her hometown, but recently she moved to Bramty’s home to support her and visit her grandchildren. She might be the only children from her parents so, there are no other siblings in her family.

hey recently moved to their new house which they call it The Bramfam House. But recently they have spoken that they are moving to another house. They used to live in Florida but now who knows where they are traveling to start their new family with two twin childrens.

Bramty Juliette Net Worth:

She is focusing mostly on her family to making everyone’s life better and also giving the people great content. Most of her earnings come from the internet source like YouTube and Instagram. She has raised an astonishing 2 million subscriber in her collaborated channel with her parents. That being said she also has a secondary channel where she gets earning from.

According to the social blade, she is earning $25.8K – $80.8K which make her the net worth of 0.8 million. She also earns from her second channel which is not clearly announced and analyzed. With all of this money, she can support her family very well and have a good living standard.

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