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Chad Franke Age, Height, Family, Net Worth, Birthday

The most significant gift for creative children is to have parents from the entertainment industry. When parents are from an entertainment background, children get to explore their talent as much as they want and even pursue a career in their field of interest and enhance their skills. Also, it is fortunate for children to get parents who include them in their projects. And Chad Frank is one of that lucky child.

Chad Frank is one of the passengers of “8 passengers,” i.e., he is one of the kids of the couple owning the channel. Chad’s parents feature their kids in the channel with lots of fun and mischievous stuff. The family is a real role model for all the parents to make a strong bond with their children and treat them as a friend.

“8 passengers”, Chad’s family channel, includes many exclusive videos with Chad. He has spoken on various topic in the video including his first crush, shopping for Valentine’s Day, the onset of puberty, etc. He also posts daily vlogs and has done many challenge related videos which also got viral on the internet.


Family plays a vital role in the future life of a child. What will be the life of a child if he/she has been supporting his family in the entertainment?- The answer is he/she will surely have confidence in entertaining others and must grow up with a dream to become an actor or artists and may enhance his creativity. And Chad Franke seems to be lucky with the same kind of family.

Chad Franke is the son of Kevin and Ruby who is You Tubers and have been including Chad to make their video more exciting and eye pleasing. The couple also collaborates with other family channels and ‘The Ohana Culture” is one of their collaborating partners.

Chad is the second oldest child of his parents. His older sibling is Shari, and younger siblings are Abby, Julie, Russell, and Eve. The siblings create a different moment when they come together in a video.

Net Worth

Chad is still in his school and has not done any financial projects or endorsement or employment hence his net worth is still not known yet. But as he has contributed to his family channel, according to Social blade, “8 passengers” has a social blade ranking of 4,013rd subscriber rank, 2,840th video view rank, 3,097th social blade rank and an estimated monthly earnings of $7.2K-$114.7K and estimated yearly revenues of $86K-$1.4M and channel ranking of B+ grade. This channel has 2.1 million followers.

Also, Chad has his channel which is full of his content and creative stuff and has a monthly earning of $9-$141 and yearly earning of $105-$1.7K.

Chad’s Short Bio

Chad celebrates his birthday on February 2. He was born in 2005 in Seattle, WA which makes his current age to be 14. His own YouTube Channel on his name has about 61K subscribers with 15 uploads. He has 314k Instagram followers. He is seen hanging out with Kesley LeRoy mostly. They have been together in many videos of their family and are the time and again companion of each other’s Instagram photos. His Uncle Beau Griffiths is also a family YouTuber. His height is 1.52 meter.

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