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CoryxKenshin Age, Height, Birthday, Family, Real Name, Dead

YouTube has been the best platform to share videos. We can share videos in every corner of the world with one click. It has been the best way to showcase the technical and entertainment factor. Also, it has been the best source of entertainment and knowledge. Moreover, it has also become an excellent source to earn money and enjoy the self-employment.

CoryxKenshin is a YouTuber from America. He has been active in YouTube since May 25, 2009. He has been active since the age of sixteen. His channel is famous for vlogs, Let’s play commentary, comedy, and also does fundraising for charity. He has an absolute sense of humor.

CoryxKenshin is one of the different YouTubers in the list of Big hits YouTubers. He has an entertaining way of making his videos more exciting and watchable. Also, he has a named his subscribers with a compelling tag of “Samurai.” Also, he creates very much exciting and attractive thumbnails.

Moreover, his way of signing off makes the viewers more curious to watch his next video. He is fond of survival horrors and video games and specializes in indie games.


Anthony K. Williams Jr and Stephanie Williams are his father and mothers respectively. He also grew up with his siblings. Aleya and Anthony are his siblings. He is the eldest of his siblings. His dad is an employee at the Ford Motors Company.

CoryxKenshin has a highly supportive family. And it seems like his family was also supported him when he decided to decide to leave his Computer Science degree to become a full-time YouTuber.


CoryxKenshin posted on Twitter “death” and shared his youtube video.

Caption: CoryxKenshin shared about “Death.”

In this post, many followers shared their feelings about death. They shared the feeling of losing their closed ones and how they smile and laugh watching his video.

CoryxKenshin’s Short Bio

On November 9, 1992, CoryXKenshin was born in Detroit, Michigan, America. He memorably celebrates his birthday. His real name is Cory Williams. His current age is 26 years old, and his height is 6.25 feet. He has a dog named “Samson the Savage” and also calls him “Sam.” He has Ectodermal Dysplasia.

Ectodermal Dysplasia is very rare and mostly a genetic disease. It is a group of more than 18 disorders which affect the outer layers of the tissues of the embryo. Teeth abnormalities, brittle spare or absent hair, abnormal fingernails, inability to sweat, various skin problems, etc. are some of the symptoms of the disease. The main reason is the mutation in the genes. Its cure is still not found. But even Cory is inspiring every viewer and spreading love and is making the people smile.

CoryxKenshin has launched his merchandise at the spreadshirt.com which sells his hoodies, t-shirts, coffee mugs, and mobile covers. He is also a social activist and has been collaborating with “Charity: Water,” “a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries,” and had done several fundraising videos.

CoryxKenshin has about 3.6 million subscribers on YouTube, 445k followers on Instagram, and 337k followers on Twitter. He loves playing “Hola.”

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