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Damien Prince Age, Brother, Height, Net Worth, Birthday

Laughter is the medicine. Many highly acclaimed comedians state that it is tough to make someone laugh. One needs excellent timing and a lot of sense of humor to set a smile on people’s face. But nowadays, there are different methods of introducing day by day to make one laugh. Similarly, making prank videos has become one of the best ways to make one laugh and entertain.

Moreover, with good contents and the right way of conducting prank, it has become effortless to gain popularity. And in the list of reaching the height of success in YouTube using prank videos, Damien Prince has also included his name. Damien Prince is a music artist and a YouTuber from America. He became famous from his channel named “D&B Nation.” He reached the height of YouTube within a short period. Damien makes videos even on many trending challenges on the internet. He also makes videos featuring his family members.

Damien’s Brother

YouTube videos including movies are the virtual reality products. It also covers some real stories, but most of them are made for the entertainment purpose. Likewise, the artists who are involved in the making of these kinds of movies and videos may not always have a real expression in their face or are covering their inner feelings to entertain everyone.

One cannot say that a man who is making everyone smile and laugh is either in some trauma or sadness. And Damien Prince is one of those YouTubers who is trying to find happiness in other’s happiness, and I make videos. He has a very emotional family background. This guy who sets a smile in everyone’s face seems to feel incomplete due to the loss o his brother. It is tough to overcome the pain of losing someone. But all the support from his wife and family, Damien is trying to take the loss of his brother as a rule of nature.

Caption: Damien tweeted about the loss about his brother Deonte

A YouTuber ‘TyMusikk’ who reacted on a video that Damien uploaded talking about the death about his brother’s and father’s death apologized with another video. He said that he didn’t make his previous video to gain popularity. But he made the video thinking that Damien was trying a joke to his fans.

Caption: TyMusikk apologized about Damien’s brother death

In this video, TyMusikk made an apology to Damien for taking his latest video as a joke. TyMusikk would have never made such a video if he had done a bit of research and confirmed about the video previously. He showed great courage by accepting his mistake.

Net Worth

Although Damien Prince is a famous YouTuber, there are no further details about his net worth. But, according to Social Blade, The channel that goes by the name of “The Prince Family” has a ranking of 2,788th subscriber rank, 7,351st video view rank, 2,183rd social blade rank with an estimated earning of $7.5K-$120.3K and estimated yearly revenue of $90.3K-$1.4M and has B+ grading. He also has his dream house and car. Hence, he seems to more than one million dollars.

Damien’s Short Bio

On February 18, 1992, Damien Prince was born in Indiana. His current age is 27 years old and memorably celebrates his birthday. He has a height of 5 feet 7 inches. Damien makes the video with his wife Biannca. They have started with “D&B Nation” and now are operating with “The Prince Family.” The latest channel features their small and happy family with their two sons DJ and Kyrie. Damien proposed to his girlfriend turned wife on November 20, 2016, and married her in March 2017. The couple is welcoming their third child.

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