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De’arra Taylor Age, Height, Net Worth, Mom, Parents

Along with lots of information that the internet is providing, it is also offering lots of opportunity for self-employment. Many online sites are hiring online employees who can operate from their home and can earn money. And YouTube is also one of those platform giving the community that helps to create self-employment. It also enhances the creativity of the people.

There are also many YouTubers arising day by day. And along with the video quantity, the quality is also increasing day by day. Also, many fresh contents are introducing for the entertainment of the people. Moreover, many youtubers are collaborating with other youtubers to create good content of entertainment, and also many couples are starting to entertain people with their lives on YouTube. De’aara Taylor is one of those couples.

De’arra is a YouTuber from America who along with his boyfriend Ken make the videos of good content and entertain their subscribers. They create many videos with unique contents. The couple attempts many challenging videos.


The family is the backbone for everyone’s success. The environment and the care that a family gives to their children determine the future behavior of the children. Also, parents are the ones who provoke the entertaining factor of their children.

On April 17, 1996, De’arra Taylor was born in Tennessee, USA. Zaria Mosley is her younger sister. Zaria is also a social media personality. Although she has gained the popularity from her channel, she has done her best to make the details of her mom or parents only to herself. She has not posted more information about her parents and post but has tweeted about her mom.

Caption: De’arra sharing about her mother’s reaction about her video

De’arra has also made a prank messaging video to her mother with his boyfriend, Ken. Her mom is very much cool. She pranked her mom saying she was drunk and was waiting for her reply. But in the video, she was calling her, and she was rejecting her message in the beginning. And when they don’t get her reply, the couple decided to call her. Her mother was asking her about being drunk before 21.

Caption: De’arra pranking her mom

De’arra is talking in a rapping rhythm in a hilarious way. The expression of the couple and her mother’s reply is worth watching. This video has about 3.8 million views.


Caption: De’arra tweeting about her dad

It seems like De’arra has not known her real dad for years. And when she came up to know about her real biological dad, she tweeted this tweet.

Net Worth

De’arra Taylor has been making videos with his boyfriend, Ken. Although they have not revealed their net worth yet. But still, according to Social Blade, the channel has a ranking of 1,026th subscriber prank, 3,545th video view prank, 14,943rd social blade prank and estimated monthly earnings of $1.5K-$24.4K an estimated yearly revenue of $18.3K-$293.2K and her channel has B grading. And it can be assumed that she has the net worth of more than a million dollar.

De’arra’s Short Bio

On April 17, 1996, De’arra Taylor was born in Tennessee. Her current age is 22 years. She has a height of 4 feet 11 inches. De’arra is very cool and very keen on posing for photos. She is very comfortable with cameras and posts beautiful photos with her boyfriend, Ken Walker. Also, she has a unique sense of dressing. De’arra asks for the opinion about her dress with her boyfriend.

De’arra is also the part of another Youtube Channel which goes by the name “Vlogs by DK4L”. This channel provides shares their daily life. “The Huge Announcement You’ve Been Waiting For” is one of their famous videos. Their channel has about 5.2 million subscribers. She has about 734k followers on Twitter and 3.2 million followers on Instagram.

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