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Edwin Burgos Age, Family, Dating, Height

Edwin Burgos is an American internet personality who gained popularity through his content in live broadcasting service YouNow. Later, he became part of a group called 5quad which he formed with his friends.

Burgos, known by his internet name ‘Edtertaining,’ is also known for his content on Youtube & has collaborated with many You Tubers like Zach Clayton, Timmy Connors, and Rudan Custodio in the past.

Edwin Burgos Age, Family

Born on 19th February 1998, in Orlando, Florida, Burgos has previously lived in Alaska, West Palm Beach, North Carolina. Currently, he lives in Dallas, Texas with his mother, Judy Sanchez.

Burgos, age 20, is half Puerto-Rican and half Caucasian by descent. His parents are in the state of divorce. Due to this reason his father Joe Burgos doesn’t live with them. Due to his respect for his parents, he is not ready to discuss the situation in his family.

Edwin Burgos wiki

Edwin joined live broadcasting service, You Now in July 2014. He soon became a favorite celebrity in YouNow due to his empowering and enlightening live streams. As of now, he has over 391k fans in You Now. His YouNow quote says;

Instead of judging me without watching, give me the chance to prove you wrong.”

Later in 2015, he collaborated with other YouNow broadcasters to form a group called 5quad. They have recorded two hit singles ‘Bomb Chick’ and ‘Best Night Ever,’ produced by a platinum-winning artist. Initially, they featured on DigiTour’s SlayBells Ice tour & later they started their tour called ThaLightsGlobal that also featured Duhitzmark, Loren Beech and FlaminGeos. Edwin released a video October 2016, on his channel called ‘A New Chapter’ to disclose the fact that the group has split up.

He is also known for his Youtube content joined Youtube on Dec 2014 with the name ‘Edtertaining.’ With comical challenge videos and entertaining & funny vlogs, he has garnered a lot of fans. As of now, he has 210k subscribers & 7.1 million views on his channel. He also has been featured in videos with his friend Zach Clayton & other YouTubers

His talented personality, unpredictable nature makes him popular among his fans. Also, his fans also respect his positivity and absolute lack of complexes.

(Caption: Edwin Burgos with his friends )

Edwin Burgos Dating

In 2015, he began dating singer and pianist Kylee Renee. Later, he introduced her to his fans through a video in his YouTube channel. His shy nature initially made him reluctant to admit the relationship with Kylee due to fear of losing his fans.

Later, she featured in most of his challenge videos and the two even uploads few vlogs. Despite their relationship loved by their fans, the two broke up in 2017.

Edwin’s Short Bio; Height & others

His height stands at 6’2″.His zodiac sign is Pisces. He wants to focus on his dream of becoming an actor. His tall and thin appearance made his friends to nickname him Worm.

Also, he has an obsession with the fast food restaurant Wendys. He has a fan club which called ‘TeamHypedFam.’He is crazy about fictional character Zariel.

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