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Gabriella DeMartino Age, Height, Net Worth, Boyfriend

YouTube has become one of the easiest ways to share video ever since its establishment in 2005. It has become the best way to do two-way communication about all the videos. Each minute millions of YouTube upload videos on different genres. And videos related makeup and fashion is one of the most watched channels on YouTube. And Gabriella Demartino is also one of the beauty gurus and fashion specialist.

Gabriella is also known as Gabi who is famous from “Nick and Gabi.”Gabriella runs the channel with her twin sister Niki. Both sisters though they are different individuals try their best to have excellent coordination in making their tutorial videos. They combined their beauty and makeup knowledge and started making hairstyling tutorials & makeup tutorials.

Gabriella also has her separate channel named “Fancy Vlogs by Gab.” She uploads her daily vlogs and uses her Twitter account to update her subscribers about her video. She also has her generous followers on this channel.

Who is Gabriella Dating?

It is tough to believe when a beautiful girl says that she is single. And it is also very much heartbreaking when one finds she is in a relationship. Also, everyone wants to date a girl who is stunning and talented, and Gabriella is the perfect one. And she is in the relationship.

Collin Vogt is her boyfriend. They seem to share a delightful bond. The chemistry in their photo is mesmerizing and beautiful. She has been very supportive of his family. Gab also advised Collin to start his own YouTube Channel.

Caption: Gabriella with her boyfriend

Gabriella posts a picture with his boyfriend. The picture she shares always reflects the bond between Gabi and her boyfriend. The love and affection for each other are visible in their photographs. Also, in this photo, they are enjoying each other’s company and spending quality time.

Net Worth

Although there no genuine details about her net worth, according to social blade, her channel “Fancy Vlogs By Gabi” has the ranking of 3,188 subscriber rank, 10,387th video view rank, 9,915th social blade rank and estimated monthly earnings of $3.5K-$55.4k and estimated yearly revenue of $41.5K-$664.3K with B+ channel grading. Her channel has about 2.5 million subscribers.

Gabriella’s Short Bio

On May 5, 1995, Gabriella was born in Pennsylvania. Her current age is 23, and her birth sign is Taurus. Gabriella has a height of 5.2 feet. She also runs another YouTube channel with Niki and her other sister Alex called 00RemakeGirls. Gabi also dated Bradon Grupe. She, along with her sister, seek inspiration in Ariana Grande and even met her at the concert. Gabi and her sister Niki uploaded her first video called “Demi Lovato Inspired Curls Tutorial” on September 3, 2012. Their channel was initially named ‘nikiandgabibeauty.’

Gabriella is a typical girl who loves shopping, vacationing, looking stunning and chit-chatting with her sister and friend. She also has a passionate love for music. Likewise, she loves to pen down lyrics and create her own songs when she is not creating videos.

Although, she is health conscious and loves to stay fit and healthy with her slim figure. But still, she loves enjoying the food. Her favorite food is a cupcake. Like any normal girl loving the color pink, she is also in love with the color and also attracts loves pastel shades. She also has a dream to launch her make up a line in the future.

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