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ImAllexx Age, Gay, Boyfriend, Dating, Height, Wiki

The YouTuber Alex Elmslie, better known as ImAllexx or Alexx. He is a British content creator on YouTube. Alex is famous for his commentary videos on topics that are trending. The YouTube celebrity is quite long-tongued and spits out whatever comes to his mouth. He currently has over a million subscribers on the platform, and the number is increasing every second.

The popular YouTuber also runs a couple of podcasts named “The Camp-Cast” and “JackMaate’sHappyHour” with his pals JackMaate and Stevie. Alex is very popular for making 10-minute videos where he responds to people that failed to mention his name. Like this one.

Caption Alex’s Rant(source:www.youtube.com).

In this video, Alex rants about Logan Paul. He mentions why everyone should unsubscribe from his channel. According to many people, ImAllexx makes these videos for sport, but we haven’t heard anything official from him yet.

Is I’mAllexx Gay?

The social media star who was thought to be straight reportedly dropped a bombshell onto the media due to his revelations regarding his sexual preferences. He publically unveiled the fact that he was indeed homosexual and likes men.

The YouTube celebrity has been found dating fellow Australian YouTuber Skyyefall and American YouTuber Kingani. As per his current boyfriend, nothing has come out about it yet so we can safely assume that the streamer is indeed single for the time being.

ImAlexx’s Bio

ImAllexx(Alex Elmslie) was born February 1st, 1999 in England and his current age is 19. The famous YouTuber is quite knowledgeful about video games and methods of passing various quizzes and tests. His methods of analysis have proven very successful as he is not shy of sharing them online on his YouTube channel where he has over 1 million subscribers. His unique style of gaming has helped him a lot as he is currently one of the most successful gaming content creators on the platform.

As far as his family goes, the information regarding both his mother and father is missing from the internet. The social media star has also opted not to reveal anything regarding his siblings.

The YouTube celebrity weighs in at a hefty 70 KiloGrams, and his height is 5 feet 8 inches. We could not find any information regarding his dress size or shoe size. But The YouTuber has dark brown hair, and his eye color is dark brown.

The 19-year-old is one of the few people on the YouTube scene who have a very loyal fanbase despite all his shortcomings. Alex is a bit stubborn at times especially during some of his rants on YouTube. He can also get quite aggressive during his podcasts as he chooses to take one side and stays by it no matter what.

According to a wiki source, the ImAllexx is a YouTuber who publishes commentary videos on YouTube. The famous YouTuber is worth $600,000 and is currently single.

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