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J Fla Married, Boyfriend, Husband, Net Worth, Wiki, Family

K-Pop has taken off like crazy in recent years and it’s not limited to Korea as fans from all around the globe seem to enjoy this genre of music. Thanks to the rise of K-Pop, it has provided much-needed exposure to loads of singers and songwriters. Who would otherwise never have been heard of? One of those singers is J.Fla who is one of the most celebrated K-Pop artists.

Much of her initial fame was due to the cover songs that she posted regularly on her YouTube channel. She created her channel on the 22nd of August, 2011, since then her career has grown exponentially. J has since released several EPs as well as original songs, the amount of people that she has touched is truly phenomenal.

She has a total of 12 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. That figure is very impressive considering the fact that most of her fans are not westerners but Korean. Her songs, however, are not limited to one genre as she has mastery of several popular genres. The first song that she uploaded on her channel was the cover of Beyonce’s Halo.

Since then, she uploaded 15 more cover songs within a duration of 5 months. That helped her career grow in a big way as she was well and truly into the YouTube scene. Fast forward 7 years and now she has 12 million subs with her videos having been watched hundreds of millions of times.

She has also made a ton of money throughout her musical career. The 31-year-old is estimated to have a net worth of $4 million. Most of her wealth comes from record sales. She also makes quite a bit of money through YouTube and advertising campaigns.

J.Fla – Love Life and Family

The 31-year-old has never revealed any information regarding her loved ones publically. She has never mentioned her parents as well as her siblings publically. We don’t know whether she has any or not. So, for the time being, we don’t have anything to tell about any of her family members. All we know about her family is that she has a dog named Lucky who was featured on her Instagram account.

Lucky (Source: Instagram).

The same is true with her love life as she has not even glimpsed about whom she is dating. We have no idea who is her boyfriend or whether she has any or not. There is also no historical evidence that suggests that she has ever dated anyone. Although people have been speculating that she is married, she has not stated that either. In conclusion, her personal life is as private as anyone else’s as we know next to nothing about it. She has also not mentioned ever having a husband either.

Short Bio

As per a wiki source, J.Fla was born on the 105h of June 1987 in Seoul, South Korea. She is currently 31 years of age and by profession, she is a singer as well as a songwriter. She is best known for her YouTube channel where she posts covers of popular songs as well as her originals. J stands in at a height of 5 feet 5 inches and weighs an impressive 45KG. Her birth sign is Gemini and by nationality, she is South Korean.

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