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Jessalyn Grace Age, Birthday, Family, House, Parents, 2019

Jessalyn Grace is an established name when it comes to lifestyle YouTubers. The ten-year-old is famous for her self titled Youtube channel. The content on her channel includes toy reviews, books, fashion hauls, back to school and much more.

The ten-year-old is currently affiliated with a children’s clothing brand. Which goes by the name of Justice. Jessalyn Grace grew up with hopes of becoming a cheerleader. And creating her own art. Her mother, who is a craftsman in her own rights provided. Jessalyn with all the resources she needed in order to succeed. Today both the mother and daughter. Run their super successful YouTube channels. Talking about grace’s channel, the channel has crossed the barrier of¬† 417k.

Jessalyn’s Family

The young superstar was born and raised in the beautiful city of California. She was inspired by her mother. In order to pursue her career as a content creator on YoTube. As Jessalyn’s mother was also a youtube and ran a channel named “creativeKelly”. Jessalyn’s father follows the path of Buddhism. And hopes to someday find eternal peace. She shared most of her childhood with a sister, Abby and her younger brother Bryce.

The young celebrity is very much adored by her parents as she makes headway. Her parents are always there to inspire her and push her harder until she reaches her goals in life.

Jessalyn’s mom who is also a Mormon is also a YouTube content creator. And runs a youtube channel named ‘creativeKelly’. Her mother has tonnes of crafty content on her channel. One of her biggest hits when it comes to YouTube content is titled ‘ super quick and super easy flower tutorial’.

Caption: Jessalyn Grace Wishing her Father on Father’s Day. (source:www.instagram.com)

In the picture, we can see the popular YouTuber with her father and little sisters. She posted this photo on her Instagram account. This was the first time that any revelations about her family were made. The picture shows the intimate bond between father and daughter.

Jessalyn’s Bio

Jessalyn grace is a young and trending YouTuber. The 10-year-old was born in her hometown of California. She celebrates her birthday on the 25th of May. The ten-year-old was brought up by her mother in a beautiful house which is located in California. Her YouTube channel is pretty new as it was created only in 2016. The channel has grown exponentially since it was originally created. And today stands at a total of more than 500,000 subscribers. In her channel, Jessalyn usually posts toy reviews, vlogs, song covers and back to school content. The youngster covered Disney’s.’Let it go’ at the tender age of 6.

The young YouTube sensation is making headways for the rest of the community at the tender age of. She is hell-bent on creating wonderful content for her fans and followers. 2018 was a very successful year for her as she saw a previously unprecedented amount of growth in her channel. She is moving forward to 2019 in hope to make a great career out of YouTube and be more popular than now.

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