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Kayla Davis Age, Height, Parents, Brother, Birthday

Family YouTube channels are gaining a lot of attraction these days. As more and more people are curious about the struggles of raising children. There are several YouTube channels that are run by families. One amongst the many is the channel named ‘We Are The Davises’. And the person that we are talking about today is named Kayla Davis, one of the key members of the family.

The 14-year-old is one of the most prominent members of the family and is featured on most of the videos on the channel. Kayla is a social media superstar in her own rights as she has hundreds of thousands of followers throughout social media.

‘We Are The Davises’ is one of the biggest family-run YouTube channels on the platform. As it currently has more than 2.5 million subscribers. On top of that, it is not the only channel that the family runs as there are at least three channels. The Davises are also very popular on Instagram as they have hundreds of thousands of followers on their Instagram Account.

Besides her being a critical part of the family’s YouTube channel. The 14-year-old also runs her own channel which has more than 181,000 subscribers. She was born to be a star as there aren’t many 14-year-olds with that many subscribers on their personal channels.

Kayla is also really popular on Instagram as her self titled Instagram account has more than 134K followers. She is really active on her Instagram and posts pictures and videos on a regular basis.

Besides her being a social media star, she is also a very accomplished cheerleader and has competed in National Cheerleaders Association competitions. Seems like her talent is not limited to the internet and there are other ways for her to gain attention.

Kayla Davis – Family

Her family needs no introduction as all the information regarding her family can be found on their YouTube channel. The Davises are amongst the top family YouTubers on the platform and they don’t have much competition.

Her father goes by the name of Shawn Davis and is the one who handles all the technical aspects of the channel. He is also the one who runs Kayla’s self-titled YouTube channels.

Kayla’s mother goes by the name of Connie Davis and she is also a crucial member of the family’s YouTube channel.  She is responsible for making sure that everyone looks well on YouTube. She also does most of the makeup stuff for the channel.

Besides her parents, there is one other member in her family, that being her one and only sibling. She has a Younger brother who is named Tyler Davis, much like Kayla. Tyler is also a very important part of the YouTube channel.

Short Bio

Kayla Davis was born on the 17th of August, 2004 in California, United States. By profession, she is a social media star and her zodiac sign is Leo. She is 14 years of age and by nationality, she is an American.

Kayla stands in at a height of 5 feet 2 inches and weighs an impressive 49KG. She is a social media influencer who is best known for being one of the key members of the YouTube channel ‘We Are The Davises’. She celebrates her birthday on the 17th of August.

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