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Kurtis Conner Age, Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Family

There are many genres in the entertainment industry. Artists choose many genres according to their comfort zone to make the time of people more entertaining. Everyone has some talent with which they can entertain the crowd. And in this busy schedule of people, they want some reason to laugh and refresh their mind.  In this time of YouTube, many people are trying many contents to entertain the people.

Moreover, comedy is the most difficult genres of entertainment. One needs a great sense of humor and correct timing to make anyone laugh. It really needs the courage to make people laugh and freshen up their mood. In the list of many YouTubers making videos on comedy genre, Kurtis Conner is a name which should be included. He is also very fond of tattooing.

Kurtis Conner is a YouTuber who’s USP is the comedy. He is from Toronto, Canada. He became famous from is own Vine Channel. Kurtis is famous for his different comedy. And also people love his reaction videos. He is also an animal lover.


The family is like a vertebral column of everyone’s life. Without the support of family, it is tough for a person to achieve the height of success they dream of. One really needs strong support from their family when they are going to enter the field of the entertainment industry. And Kurtis Conner is very fortunate to get such a supportive family. Although he is a famous YouTuber, he has been successful to keep her family details private to himself. Kurtis has a sister named Kylie.


A girl really needs a guy who has a good heart, good sense of humor and is a lot of care. Also, a girl needs a boy who can make her smile and soften every hard moment of her life. And when she gets a comedian, it is very hard for her to not to be in the relationship with the guy. And Kurtis Conner is one of those comedians who has a supportive girlfriend.

Moreover, Kurtis seems to share a very beautiful and strong bond with Jenna Allard. They have been in a relationship with Jenna since 2014. Both seem to be an animal lover. The couple has a dog which they love as a child. Kurtis and Jenna have made many videos for YouTube.

Caption: Love story of Kurtis and Jenna

In this video, Kurtis has shared his love story with his subscribers. Kurtis has successfully shared the loved towards Jenna from this video. The chemistry between Kurtis and Jenna is very inspiring and heart throbbing. One really wants to fall in love by watching this video.

Net Worth

Although Kurtis is a famous YouTuber, there no details of his net worth. According to the Social Blade, his channel has a ranking of 11,611th subscriber rank, 73,892nd video view rank, 13,926th social blade rank and estimated monthly earnings of $2.7K-$43.3K and estimated yearly revenue of $32.4K-$519.1K and B grade ranking.

Kurtis’s Short Bio

On May 4, 1994, Kurtis Conner was born in Toronto, Canada at North York General Hospital. He grew up in Hamilton, Ontario. His current age is 24 years old. Kurtis tweeted once regarding his height and said that he has the same height that Tom Hardy has.

Caption: Kurtis tweeted about his height

Kurtis has collaborated with Chris Melberger on a vine. The vine titled ‘when u catch the lady sneaking a peek!!! (w/ Kurtis Corner, Shan Dude)’ in June 2015. He has been the part of “#youreradbecause” in June 2014. Kurtis attended the ‘Comedy: Writing and Performance’ program at Humber College where he began to do stand up comedy shows.

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