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Lexi Rivera Age, Boyfriend, Dating, Net Worth, Height, Brothers

She is the younger sister of a famous YouTuber. Her older brothers Brice and Brent are both stars of the social media. Brice is older than Brent and a sensation in Instagram, and she has more than 1,4 million followers. Lexi has shown and received millions of views for many of her brother’s’ YouTube’ videos.

Lexi Rivera has been featured in many of her brother’s ‘YouTube’ videos and has received millions of views for them. With passing time, she has now become a beautiful young lady and has a fan following of her own.

She also has a Twitter account to post about the videos of her brothers. Brent had previously created a YouTube channel for her when she was a little girl and uploaded a handful of her gymnastic videos. The channel is called’ Lexiloulou’ but no updates have been made since 2012.

Lexi Rivera’s Net Worth

Lexi ‘s Net Worth Lexi was only on social media and did not make a lot of business dealings. At the age of 17, however, she was able to raise more than $ 0.3 million without a song or film to talk about. She drives a Cadillac and is yet to acquire any property. From the trends, however, one can only predict a very successful future for this social media sensation.

The 17-year-old Posts regularly on her YouTube channel, which is the main source of her income. The young celebrity has been able to amass such a significant chunk of money with her appearance on her brother Brent’s YouTube channel as well as her youtube channel which has over 700,000 subscribers as of Jan-10-2019.

Lexi’s Bio

Lexi Rivera was born in Huntington Beach, California on 7 June 2001. She’s one of four youngest siblings. Her eldest brother, Blake Rivera, is a prominent hockey player competing with Jr at the national championship. Team Ducks Hockey. She’s got another older brother, Brice, who’s younger. Brent, who’s one year younger than Brice, follows Brice.

Caption: Lexi with Brent(source: www.instagram.com)

The young superstar celebrates her birthday on the 7th of June. She might be a little too young for that kind of stardom, but she is indeed up to the task. Because Lexi is the only girl in the family, her brothers give her a lot of attention and love. Her mother is ancestral to Mexico. Lexi Rivera loves to go to school and get a good score and keeps a gymnastic spirit alive with regular practice.

The famous YouTube star is currently dating a fellow social media star, Ben Azelart. Her boyfriend has presently over a million followers on his Instagram account. They have been together since 2018. The couple also posts the pictures of each other on their social media profiles regularly.

Her body measurement is 32- 22- 32 inches and her height is 5 feet 4 inches with a weight of 48 kg. She has a bra size of 30A inch.

The famous social media star with more than 1 million followers in her Instagram account in a romantic relationship with Ben Azelart. In 2018, the duo began their romantic relationship, and often pairs posted pictures on their social media platform. As her fanbase increases, it will be interesting to see how she copes with the changing situation to get the most out of it.

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