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Lucas Cruikshank Gay, Boyfriend, Dating, Girlfriend, Siblings

Eversince the establishment of YouTube, it has been the best platform to share videos to every corner of the world. One can easily get famous around the globe with just one click on YouTube. Likewise, YouTube has been the best source for entertainment and information regarding videos. It has also been a good source of self-employment for creative persons.

There are many YouTubers arising every day who are trying their luck for entertaining people. YouTube has become the best platform to enhance the creativity of the people and introduce a piece of art to the people. In the long lists of many creative YouTubers, Lucas Cruikshank is a name that cannot be forgotten. He is one of the most unique and entertaining YouTubers. He introduces a variety of contents in the YouTube which makes his channel different from other channels.

Lucas’s channel is the first channel to cross 1 million subscribers on YouTube. He released videos of anger management on YouTube. Apart from creating videos for YouTube, he is also involved in dancing and acting.


One really needs a better half of him or her to make them feel complete. It is tough to live a life alone. People need the support of someone to make themselves strong in the dark moments of their life. When it comes to girls, girls really want a boy who is caring, tall and handsome. And Lucas Cruikshank is the best guy that a girl wants to make a boyfriend when you see him for the first time.

Lucas has a good sense of dressing up and fashion. But like interesting videos of Lucas, he himself is interesting. There is lots of confusion that Lucas has created about his sexuality. It seems like he has a boyfriend and sometimes he has a girlfriend. And it also seems like he is gay from his Instagram photos.

Caption: Lucas with Jenny confessing that he is a gay

In this video, Lucas has confessed that he is gay but has not talked about his boyfriend. But in another video with Jenny on her channel, he has kissed Jenny so it is very confusing to confirm whether Jenny is his girlfriend or not.

Caption: Lucas kissing Jenny

It also seems like Lucas performed dare challenge. But he has many videos with Jenny on his YouTube Channel. And they seem very close to each other.

Out of all these confusion, Lucas Cruikshank announced that he and Mathew Fawcus were in a relationship. This confirms that he is gay.


Lucas has got very supporting siblings. He has made many videos with his sisters, brothers and even cousins. Also, he posts photos with them time and again. Lucas has two brothers: Jacob and Ethan and five sisters. With a large family, he shares all the fun with his siblings on his channel.

Caption: Lucas with his brother

Like most of the videos, even in this video, Lucas has done lots of fun with his brother. He has shared some interesting fact about his brother in this video. The video generates curiosity from its title.

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