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MrBeast Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Girlfriend

“Struggle for Existence” is the theory given by Darwin which seems to be very much right in the case of YouTube. One has been very much unique to exist on YouTube. And MrBeast is the perfect example of it. MrBeast has been very successful to create a different identity on YouTube.

MrBeast has established his channel with his gaming and his philanthropic videos. He started his Channel with the video “Worst Intros in YouTube” which was successful in attracting many subscribers. Then he started uploading his gaming videos and following videos of him helping economically poor and needy ones.


MrBeast sets a smile on the face of poor and needy people. But This YouTuber who is happy in others happiness very much seems to be incomplete regarding his family. He was born in Greenville, NC, America.

MrBeast has a small and happy family accompanied by his mother and brother.  Additionally, his mother raised him alone. He is very much close to his mother and has dedicated some of his videos to his mother titling “Giving $100,000 to my mother (Proudest Day of My Life)”. But still, MrBeast has not made the name of his mother and brother public.

Who is the soul mate of MrBeast?

The 20 years handsome old hunk seems to make creative, crazy and experimenting videos with his friends but is not much seen with any girls.

He has not disclosed about dating any girls. So, it seems we still need to wait to know about his better half as he has not made his girlfriend public.

Why MrBeast have no girlfriend?

People always find a great reason in their life to make them feel alive and happy. Some people follow their dreams and passsion. Some like to be career focused on finding happiness. And some people even spend the time to search their better half. In case of handsome hunks like MrBeast try to find a girlfriend. But this has been false in case of MrBeast.

According to the lifestyle of MrBeast, he has been spending most of this time by making philanthropic videos and spreading happiness in the others face. Spreading joy is not an easy task to carry on with. And if it has become a habit, it is tough to leave. It is somewhat like a drug which has negligible negative impacts but immense of satisfaction and pleasure.

The one who is philanthropic in behavior seems to be happier than the one who is in a relationship which must be the reason that MrBeast is not seeking for a girlfriend. He is finding satisfaction in social work rather than searching a partner for him which is quite commendable.

Is MrBeast a gay?

People are always confused and shocked when a handsome guy is not spotted with girls and says about enjoying his single life. This verdict makes people question about the sexuality of the singles.

The same question arises time and again when it comes to MrBeast enjoying his life single and career focused. But still, his subscribers are puzzled about his sexuality and doubt him as a gay.

Net Worth

The property details of MrBeast is not public. According to Social Blade, his channel ranking is 174th subscriber rank, 1,039th video view rank, 266th social blade rank, and estimated monthly earnings $46K-$736.1K and rated yearly revenues of $552.1K-$8.8M and his channel has A ranking.

Life of Mr.beast in Nutshell

The real name of MrBeast is Jimmy Donaldson and was born on May 7, 1998. His current age is 20 years old. Taurus is his birth sign. He has a good height of 6ft 3 inches with an athletic built body with has brown hair and hazel eye color.

MrBeast is a Minecraft fan. He made many hilarious videos devoting to Donald Trump after the elections held on 2016. Many needy and poor people have received a donation of about half a million dollars. His channel has 13 million subscribers and 1.5 billion video views. He has 1.7 million Instagram followers.

MrBeast started his channel on Feb 20, 2012, and reached 1 million on May 6, 2017, and became one of the fastest growing channels in the US. He was one of the most active supporters in the PewDiePie V/S Tseries subscribers war. MrBeast donated $10000.

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