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Nick Antonyan Family, Sister, Net Worth, Height, Parents, Ethnicity

Comedy is one of the most challenging genres of the entertainment industry. One can make people emotional with their struggles and other stories. But one needs a significant amount of sense of humor and correct timing to make anyone laugh. And the one who carries this genre is legends. Because they have to forget about their pains and sorrows and deliver humorous contents with a smile in their face.

The growing use of the internet is producing many platforms to showcase the hidden talents of people. And YouTube has become one of the most reliable platforms for all artists. In YouTube, one can easily entertain the mass with their talent. Also, one does not need any sponsors who will feature them in a concert or any shows to show their ability. Artists can create a free account and share their talent and information that they have.

Each day a new star is born on YouTube. One can quickly get famous with the help of good contents and get the payback of their creativity. In this list of creative YouTubers, Nick Antonyan is a name that is also part of the list. He is the creator of web series “Road to Comedy” which is featured in his YouTube Channel. Nick has also been part of the web series ‘Amigos.’


Parents are the ones who play a vital role in the upbringing of their children. The lifestyle which children will live also depends on the family in which they are born. Even if parents are not able to fulfill every demand and desires of their children, traditions, culture and the art of living are the most golden legacy that every mother and father pass on to their children.

The support of family is a must in the success of every person. And Nick Antonyan is one of that fortunate man to get a supportive family. His family sticks to every step of him. All the family members help Nick to make videos and make his videos entertaining and interesting. His brother’s name is Varadan, and his sister’s name is Suzy. He is very close to his sister and has made videos with her. Nick is a family man.

Caption: Nick with his sister

There are many numerous videos that Nick has uploaded which are interesting. He has a different way of choosing the title for his videos and also selects attractive thumbnail.


Nick is a comedian and actor. Though he has been part of telemovies and other projects, the detail of his net worth is still not available. But, according to Social Blade, his channel had the ranking of 50,164th subscriber rank, 453,309th video view rank, 190,620th social blade rank and estimated monthly earnings of $97-$1.5K which makes a yearly revenue of $1.2K-$18.5K and has B- grading.

Nick’s Short Bio

On July 8, 1994, Nick Antonyan was born in the United States and belongs to white ethnicity. His current age is 24 years old. There are no details about the height of Nick. He is a writer and content creator. Nick posted his first video on YouTube titling “I QUIT COMEDY FOR YOUTUBE |Channel Intro.”He even appeared in the telemovie Beverly Grove in 2017. Nick is a good friend with many social media stars including Scotty Sire, Jason Nash, David Dobrik, Toddy Smith, etc.

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