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Runik Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Ethnicity, Height

There are many background stories behind the success of every successful person. Also, the struggle is more in the entertainment industry. And one of the toughest genres of entertainment is the comedy. It is not easy to make someone laugh.

Similarly, there are many hurdles in making people laugh and jolly. Not every time, a comedian might be a good mood. But forgetting all the pains and tensions, they entertain the people.

Moreover, one does not have to stay in the long lines of auditions of the shows to get famous. People can quickly convey their talent in the palm of the people with the help of internet. YouTube has been the best platform to entertain people and share ideas and views. Additionally, it has been creating an excellent opportunity to earn money.

People choose different genres of content to entertain people. And comedy and prank videos are highly watched videos nowadays. YouTubers are picking the prank genre to make people laugh and become famous. There are also many reasons to make these kinds of people. Also, there is no limitation on people to make someone smile. And one the primary goal is also to overcome the pain inside them.

Likewise, runic is one of those inspiring Youtubers who started making videos to inspire lots of people who are going through the same path in which he had traveled. Runik is famous for his pranks, challenges, comedy videos, and vlogs on YouTube. Though he created his channel in 2015, he officially started as a YouTuber by posting videos in 2017. His first video was about overcoming cancer.


Every girl wants a boyfriend who can make them laugh and has a good sense of humor. And boys wish to their girlfriend to be caring. Furthermore, it is like a jackpot to get a boyfriend who is a prankster. Despite all the sad situations a prankster succeeds to make people laugh. And Hali is lucky to get a boyfriend like Runik. The similarity between both is that they both are YouTubers who together make exciting videos.

The couple seemed to be in passionate love and are very much happy with each other. Though they didn’t share many photos on Instagram, there are many videos that they have come up with. Many subscribers loved when both of them come together. Along with Runik’s channel “Runiktv,” they had a channel Named as “The Cool Crew” which seems to be passive since past seven months. There no recent uploads and also Runik’s Instagram lack his photos. And it appears that the couple is no more together.

Caption: Runik surprises Hali with a new car

In this video, Runik has surprised his former girlfriend with a new car. The expression in the face of a Hali is very entertaining and heart touching.

Net Worth

Though Runik is famous on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, his net worth is still confidential. It seems like he has made his clothing brand and must be earning from his merchandise, but again, there are no financial details available.

Runik’s Short Bio

On January 3, 1998, Runik was born in America. He belongs to the white ethnicity. His current age is 21 years old. Runik was diagnosed with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, a form of cancer. According to sources, his height is around 5 Feet 10 Inches. As the treatment was expensive, he came up with the idea of “Go Fund Me” campaign. Many Famous youtubers supported him to raise the fund for his chemotherapy sessions. With love from his fan following and the collected funds, he recovered the deadly disease.

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