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Safiya Nygaard Wiki, Net Worth, Height, Parents, Ethnicity

Safiya Jaffer Nygaard is an American YouTuber and video producer. She gained popularity for her fashion and beauty related content on YouTube. As of now, her channel has over 6.8 million subscribers and over 700 million views.

She started her career as a video producer for Buzzfeed. As of recently, she got popular for her “makeup experiments” or “Frankenstein makeup”.

Safiya Nygaard Wiki; Parents, Ethnicity

Nygaard, 26, was born on July 16, 1992, in Chicago, Illinois. She carries Indian-Danish ethnicity, with her mother being Indian and her dad being Danish.

Safiya graduated from Whitney M. Young Magnet High School in 2011. Later, She attended Stanford University. In her time at Stanford, she participated in theatre productions of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Les Liaisons Dangereuses, and The Crucible.

Safiya Nygaard Career

She started her career as a video producer for American Internet media Buzzfeed in 2015Later, in Jan 2017 she left Buzzfeed to focus on her YouTube Career.

Two months after officially leaving Buzzfeed she posted a video in her channel titled ‘Why I Left BuzzFeed‘.She stated she wanted to be more independent, responsible, and transparent. In addition, she also said that she didn’t like how she felt left out of the decision-making when it came to the series she had created.

In addition to these, she played a minor role in Escape the Night (2016), TMI Hollywood (2012) and Bitch Please (2015).

Safiya Nygaard Boyfriend

She started dating Tyler Williams since her time at Stanford. On, December 14th, 2018, nearly five years after dating Tyler, Safiya announced her engagement to Tyler.

Tyler Williams is CEO and founder of Nextbeat, a digital space allowing for the creation of interactive vlogging experiences. In addition, he also worked for The Walt Disney Company as an analyst of corporate finance and business analyst for global business development.

(Caption: Safiya with her boyfriend Tyler Williams)

Safiya and Tyler often go to Disneyland where they went there together on one of their first dates. Also, Tyler proposed to her near a well at Disneyland.

Her Net Worth

Safiya income mostly comes from her videos on Youtube. Also, she made a good income from her career as a video producer for Buzzfeed.

She also collaborates with her boyfriend Tyler for various contents on Nextbeat. In addition, she also partners with various brands for their promotion on her Youtube channel.

Her estimated net worth is around $2.4 million dollars.

Safiya’s Short Bio; Height…

Safiya height measures at 5 feet 10 inches. Her zodiac sign is cancer. She has around 6.9 million subscribers on her Youtube channel.

She is an avid Harry Potter fan. In addition, she is a lover of pop culture. She has a fear of bodycon dresses as she never likes exposure in public.

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