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Salice Rose Age, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Lesbian, Sister, Bio

Salice Rose

With tens of millions of content creators uploading their content every other second. The task of creating content that the fanatics find thrilling is not easy. But Salice Rose is one of those creators who has risen to the work. Her fans not only find her content entertaining but also inspiring. With these things said Salice is amongst the top YouTubers who pushes her content on the platform daily. The teenager is just 16 years old.

Salice is popular for piercing a diamond on her teeth. This made her fans eager to follow the procedure and made a style assertion.

Salice started her Instagram account in 2013. She has since been regularly posting top quality on her Instagram account and her YouTube channel. Her videos have been loved by so many people because she does multiple roles in them.

The young YouTuber recently published a video titled “Pranking My Ex Girl Friend.” The video has been watched more than two million times on YouTube and stands as one of her most viewed videos on YouTube to this date.

Caption: Salice is pranking her ex(Source: www.youtube.com).

She regularly posts prank videos on her YouTube channel. Her videos are among the most popular prank videos on YouTube. As some of her videos easily cross the seven-figure mark. Salice recently posted this hilarious video on her Instagram account.

caption: Salice pranking her ex(source: www.instagram.com)

Her Net Worth.

The Instagram sensation has made a fortune since she uploaded her first picture on the popular social media platform. The 24-year-old has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Salice’s salary is still under review. But amassing a fortune like hers takes some serious determination and hard work. The primary sources of her net worth include the likes of brand advertising and brand promotions. The also makes quite a bit of money through her social media events which are massively popular among her followers.

Salice’s Confession.

Salice’s confession not only helped others but it also simulated many to be her sister. Ashley Salice who confessed on her youtube about her sexual preferenceĀ about being a lesbian. She isn’t hesitant about sharing pictures of her with her girlfriend Alejandra Ramirez. The two have been dating for the better part of two years.

Rose has always advocated for people to have their own identity and she stands by this saying. She says that trying to be someone else is the worst thing that you can do to yourself. She says that one should always try to be happy and not try to convince everyone.

In a video that she published in her YouTube channel on December 15, 2017, Ashley has confessed about stuff regarding and beyond relationships. She admitted that she was in love with a guy who broke her heart at the age of 13. The video, also, makes it clear that she is interested in girls.

Short Bio and Family

The YouTube sensation was born on November 22, 1994, in Lancaster, California. As per a wiki source she was born and raised in California, and she belongs to Peruvian ethnicity. The 23-year-oldĀ has two brothers and a sister named Ashley. We are yet to know about any information regarding the famous YouTuber.

She holds American nationality. Salice Rose stands in at the height of 6 feet 6 inch and has a sleek body. She attended military school at the age of 16 and completed her high school education a few months later. Besides English, the 24-year-old also speaks Spanish fluently.

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