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Sydney McGee Age, Boyfriend, Dating, Family, Net Worth

YouTube is the most accessible medium to share videos around the globe in a short period. Also, it is effortless to communicate about the video between the viewers and the channel owner. YouTubers are always after providing some new content to their subscribers for the entertainment. And daily vlogging of their life is one of the genres in YouTube which is having a rapid growth nowadays.

Sydney McGee is one of the famous vloggers on YouTube. Sydney has been posting all her daily interesting clips in her channel since Nov 9, 2013. She has been uploading the videos with her friends, family, boyfriend and all the adventures that she can perform. Sydney finds her daily routine exciting and worth sharing in the form of vlogs.


Sydney belongs to Springfield, Missouri. Her father’s name is Rick McGee. She grew up with her two brothers Logan and Jordan. According to her video, her grandparents had three sons his father and two uncles. His elder uncle has seven kids. His mother and father got divorced when she was six, and his father remarried. She has six step-siblings. And his junior uncle has three kids.

Sydney has made a sum up video titling “My family tree explained” where she has tried to explain her family members and numbers.


Caption: Sydney talking about her family

Sydney McGee is summing up her big family in the video and introducing her cousins, brothers, sisters, uncles, and aunts.

Dating Dallin Forsyth

Sydney has been dating her “best friend” Dallin Forsyth have gone on a religious mission for two years as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints. Both are the members of the church. Sydney seems to be in deep love with Dallin.

Sydney had known Dallin for six years before getting in a relationship with him mid-2010. She has shared the various picture of them, and the chemistry between them is noticeable.

Caption: Sydney kissing her boyfriend

The photos that Sydney shares always expresses the seriousness of their video. The couple seems to have a profound and beautiful connection. The followers of Sydney are always praising their relationship, and many take them as their ideal couple.


Sydney has also dedicated a video on YouTube sharing the moments how the couple enjoyed the summer holidays.

Caption: Sydney enjoying her holiday with her boyfriend

Sydney has uploaded the beautiful moments which she has spent with her boyfriend during the summer holidays. They have a huge fan following and is always mesmerizing when they are together. The chemistry between them is enough to make anyone to find their better half and enjoy the taste of love.

Net Worth

Sydney McGee has been active in YouTube since Nov 9, 2013. She has been posting her videos of daily vlogs including her time with family and friends. Sydney has not started doing brand endorsement and advertisement. So, her property is not public.

As Sydney is active YouTuber and has a good number of followers, from Social Blade, her channel has the ranking of 36,719th subscriber rank, 58,183rd video view rank, 68,725th Social Blade rank and estimated monthly earnings of $576-$9.2K and estimated yearly revenues of $6.9K-$110.5K and has grade B.

Sydney’s Short Bio:

On February 26, 2001, Sydney came into this world in Springfield, MO. Sydney is an American. Her current age is 17 years old. Her birth sign is Pisces. She has 319,548 subscribers in YouTube and 87.3K followers in Instagram.

Sydney uploaded a music video remix of Ayo & Teo’s single “Lit Right Now” which has received 285 thousand dislikes and 80 thousand likes.

This upload was very much viral, and even PewDiePie & SSSniperWolf made reaction videos on this upload. A petition ‘Change.org’ exists which asked Sydney never to make music again.

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