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Toddy Smith Age, Girlfriend, Dating, Net Worth, Son

One does not need to be part of television or movies to show their acting, singing, and dancing talents. All thanks to social media, one can quickly become a star in a few minutes. The audience of such rising stars is of a vast number. With the help of social media, one can reach in every corner of the world. And Toddy Smith is one of the products of social media.

Toddy Smith is an Instagram and YouTube star who operates from America. His sense of humor and funny self-helped him to get the attention of his viewers and entertain them. He started his career with Vines and became popular. Then, he joined YouTube to increase his fan followers and use his creativity to reach the Next Level Star.

Who Is Toddy Dating?

It’s tough to find a handsome boy who is single. Many girls dream about a tall, dark and handsome boy to be their better half. And Toddy Smith is the same kind of guy whom girls dream off. But, breaking the hearts of thousands of his female fan followers, he has confessed to having a girlfriend.

According to his YouTube channel post, Corrina Kopf was his girlfriend. He had posted a video titling “SHAVING MY GIRLFRIEND’S LEG!”.

Caption: toddy shaving His Girlfriend Corrina’s Leg

This video reveals about the product that comes into reality when two YouTubers who are in love come together for a video.

The photos that Corrina shared on his Instagram on April 1, 2018, the couple seemed to have good chemistry. She IS also a YouTuber. She is famous for her reaction videos on YouTube. Corrina appears to be very happy when she shared about the relation with Toddy.

Caption: Toddy with Corrina Kopf

Corrina shared the picture expressing her love towards Toddy. He has written beautiful words which explains that he was a great support in her life.

It also seems like Toddy was in relation to Catherine. She is also a YouTube Star. Catherine has posted photos of them together stating happy 4th??? On July 5, 2017. Whose meaning is still not clear.

Caption: Toddy with Catherine

Catherine posted this pic stating line Happy 4th whose meaning is not clear. They have few pictures on her Instagram which seems like they were in a relationship.

But his sexual preference is very confusing if we go through his Instagram, it seems like he is gay. The way he posts pictures with his Scotty Sire is quite hard to be normal for a boy who is straight.

Caption; Toddy with Scotty stating him SUGAR DADDY

Out of many photos with Scotty Sire, this is also the confusing photo that makes one question Toddy about his sexual preference. According to his pictures on Instagram, he must have an attraction for males.


Toddy Smith, age 27 years old, is an unmarried guy with no marriage records and rumor at all but seems to have adopted a child. He posted a photo on his Instagram with his son.

Caption: Toddy’s and his son’s moment

Though Toddy is not married and seems to have no girlfriend at all. He still wanted to become a father. From this photo, it conveys that he has adopted a son.

Net Worth

Toddy has a long history in producing videos to entertain the people ever since vines. To use his sense of humor in a wide range, he joined YouTube on May 29th, 2014. Although there seems to have a source of income from another resource other than YouTube.

According to the Social Blade Site, Toddy Smith’s channel had a ranking of 11,141st subscriber rank, 64,839th video view rank, 34, 847th social blade rank and estimated monthly earnings of $544-$8.7K and rated yearly revenue of $6.5k-$104.5k with a B grade channel ranking.

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