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Veronica Merrell Boyfriend, Dating, Family, Height, Sister

Veronica Merrell

The 22-year-old YouTube celebrity is famous for her YouTube channel. The name of their YouTube channel is Marreltwins. She runs the channel with her identical twin Vanessa Jo Marrel. The two of them share a lot of things in common including the super popular YouTube channel. Besides YouTube, the twins are also actively engaged in acting and music.

Veronica Merrell and Vanessa are identical twins that were brought up in the beautiful city of Kansas, Missouri. The two spent most of their early life in Kansas and then they moved to Los Angeles, California. The twins were aged 16 when they moved out.

Vanessa if popular for her outstanding work in CW’s hit show Jane the Virgin.¬†She has also starred in MTV’s hit series Faking it (2015). The standoff Movie (2016) but her most notable contribution comes in the form of the YouTube channel. A channel that she created alongside her sister Vanessa. The duo currently has more than 4 million subscribers on their YouTube channel.

The videos posted on the channel have a lot of variety to them. Unlike most other channels these days that post similar content repeatedly. Marrelllltwins do it differently in the sense that they have something new for the audience everytime they log on to YouTube.

The duo has also received various awards. The most notable of them being the shorty award that they won in 2016. They won the award for YouNower of the year back then. They have also won another award for best live in 2018 for lifestyle. Merrell Twins were also nominated for teen choice awards 2017.

Veronica Merrell’s Love Life

Veronica Merrell is not in a relationship currently. Unlike her sister Vanessa, who is currently dating. Veronica is single for the time being. Veronica does not have a boyfriend and is currently not dating anyone. The social media star has not been sighted with anyone yet.

The 22-year old, however, has made it apparent that she has a crush on a guy named Aaron. She recently posted a video on their youtube channel that stated that she is indeed in a one-sided relationship with this guy.

Caption: Veronica admits about her crush(source:www.youtube.com).

Veronica’s Family

The YouTube sensation was born in Kansas City, where she was raised up with her sister Vanessa. Vanessa is also her identical twin. The twins were raised by their mother Wendy Merrell. Wendy has also been featured in numerous videos on the twin’s YouTube channel.

The duo’s father Paul Marell is also the channel’s producer and editor. Paul has always pushed the duo at creating wonderful content on YouTube. He has always been there for them when they needed guidance.

Veronica Merrell’s Bio

Veronica Merrell is a singer and YouTuber by profession. She was born and raised in Kansas City. Kansas also happens to be her current residence. She is best known for her youtube channel named Merreltwins which she runs with her identical twin Vanessa. She belongs to Caucasian ethnicity and is unmarried and single at the moment.

Veronica stands in at the height of 5 feet 6 inches. And she weighs a hefty 60 kilograms. She has a slim body and dyes her hair black. Her eyes are naturally brown but she occasionally wears black contact lenses. The social media superstar’s zodiac sign is Leo.

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