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WillNE Real Name, Age, Birthday, Height, Family, Dad

WillNE is a British YouTube sensation originally from Newcastle. His real name is Will Lenney if anyone is wondering and don’t know him well. He began filming for youtube from 13 under a different username. Still to this day he refuses to tell his audience the name of this channel.

Now in his popular channel, Will posts reaction videos of the recent trend that are most relevant to the audience.

Will Lenney Bio:

Will Lenney came into this world on  11, 1996, in Newcastle, England. Where Will is currently at his early twenties. He spent most of his childhood in Newcastle and got raised in a very friendly neighborhood.

He still loves his hometown and lives in the same place but separately from his parents. Will has great physical feature. He has the height of 6 FT 2 IN OR approximately about 188 CM. Weighs about 79 KG OR 174 LB.

Will Lenney at a football game with the team.

He loves to do outdoor stuff like hanging with his friends and bond with them. Will used to make different outdoor videos from his childhood with his childhood friends doing childish things.

Will Lenney Family:

Although he has great content for his fans and supporters there are his parents supporting him to do what he likes and lending their hands and finding the passion of what Will wants to do with his life.

There is not much information on his family and parents. But once his father came into public in a photo where his father struggled with the camera. He also shared a tweet on 18 November 2016 and mentioned that his dad was 54 years old. He also mentioned that he wanted to prank his mother but he is far too smart and would be hard to prank her.

Will Lenney Career:

On his current channel, he enjoys making videos about current events. He has a recurring joke on his channel about him having a square head and bullying children. Will currently has over a million subscribers and a second channel.

On his second channel (S2W), he enjoys remaking the same videos every week or whenever he gets back to posting which is usually once a year. Sometime he will speak about his childhood. He admits growing up in Newcastle was rough. He has brought up memories like seeing bits of broken blue and white plates on the floor.

Although of Will had his fame on YouTube but he also has a very short career on Music.Ly. Where he made only one video to see how it worked but he never posted on the social media.

Who is Will Lenney’s Girlfriend? Who is he dating?

There used to be days where he wished he had a girlfriend but those days are over. He has a girlfriend Mia Xmon. They both are having a great time together. Traveling around the world and spending quality time together has made them even closer.

Mia and Will together in street of Japan.

They together look very cute and everyone’s couple goals. But before all of that, he was in a relationship with another YouTuber. The name is not announced but her ex-girlfriend is very jealous of his new girlfriend. Callum claimed that WillNE’s ex-girlfriend showed him positive pregnancy test pictures just to get him back in her life. Just out of jealousy she did that but he moved and that it was fake.

Now, Will and Mia Xmon are having a great time together. They seem to be very happy with what they have and appreciate the present.

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